• It was certainly surprising that they won it all in 2014

    Nobody saw them winning the championship. They were a 7 seed and struggled to get past the 1st round against 10th seeded St . Josephs. Not to mention in their final regular season game they lost to Louisville by 30 points. Ryan Boatright and Shabazz Napier carried that team though and everyone started to take them seriously after that win over Iowa State. When they beat Florida in the Final Four, then it just seemed like they were destined to win. But the way the regular season ended for them and the way they struggled in the first round it absolutely stunned me that they win it all.

  • Yes, I expected Kentucky to win.

    Yes, the Huskies win definitely surprised me. I thought for sure Kentucky was going to win the championship. The young Kentucky team was starting to coalesce and become the team everyone knew they were capable of becoming. They had two close games before the championship and I was sure they would take the championship.

  • Yes, the Huskies win did surprise me.

    The win in the final was a little bit of a surprise, but after beating Florida, I did kind of expect it. The whole tournament surprised me this year and with all the upsets it was likely going to be a surprising finish. I'm more surprised the Huskies made it to the final than that they won though.

  • They came out of nowhere.

    Yes, the Huskies win surprised me, because I had picked Michigan State to go all the way. A healthy Michigan State was not as strong as we all thought they were. The Huskies got the rebounds in the final game, and that is why they won. They got the job done, little by little.

  • No It Did Not

    The Huskies would did not surprise me. I love it when the underdog wins and in this case it was a good challenge. I think they finally worked together in the way they always knew they could. Team work always pays off and in this case it led the Huskies to victory.

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