• Yes, hypocrisy erases a lot.

    No one's whole body of work is erased just because he or she can not live up to a particular ideal, but when that person spends a life time berating others for what they do wrong and being hard nosed and repressive and then turns out to act on the same problems, the issue is hypocrisy and that does take away a lot.

  • Jerry Falwell made a few mistakes, but his positive impact remains.

    As with any person, an indiscretion is quickly the only thing anyone remembers about a person with celebrity status. Jerry Falwell was a hypocrite, that cannot be argued. His scandals resulted in an extreme reduction in his popularity. That does not change the fact that many people are living better lives due to his impact. Many of them may not admit that or curse his name, but the truth is, he did help some people.

  • Helped a lot

    No, I do not think that his scandal erased all of the good that he did, or took away all of the faith and belief that he placed in peoples hearts. He was a great preacher, and the good he did in his life is enormous. He was a good man.

  • Falwell still does good

    Jerry Falwell's scandal did not erase all of the good he accomplished in his life. This is because it is impossible to sum up one person's life with one scandal or event. We need to consider everything this man did over his lifetime. Jesus would not want us to judge him on one scandal.

  • No I don't think so.

    I do not think that the Jerry Falwell scandel erased all the good he has ever done in his life. I think it is hard for people to look past the scandal and see him as a person who has done good but I do think it is possible that some have.

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