Did the jury reach the right decision for the Alabama man who lost everything in a fire?

  • Jury reaches the right decision in Alabama

    A jury in Alabama reached the right decision in finding a man not guilty of disorderly conduct. He had just lost everything in a fire. To make matters worse, the police shot his job. His reaction was natural, and there should have been a greater understanding of the circumstances on the part of the police.

  • Jury Made A Great Decision

    The jury made a great decision in the case of the Alabama man who lost everything in a fire. The man was shaken but not violent and should not have been arrested that night. Instead he should have been shown compassion and taken somewhere safe to stay for the night. His dog should have been allowed to be with him instead of being shot.

  • The jury decision that was reached in regards to the shooting of the dog owned by an Alabama man who lost everything in a fire was not only incorrect, but despicable and disgusting.

    The decision reached by a jury to not charge an Alabama deputy with the shooting of a dog that belonged to an Alabama man who had just lost everything he owned in a house fire is disgusting, incorrect, and unacceptable. The abuse, misconduct, and inhumane acts that police officers get away with in our society are ridiculous, and truly represent how broken our entire justice system is.

  • Jury ignored evidence

    No, the right decision was not reached by the jury. Evidence that demonstrated that fire was not the fault of the person who lost everything was clearly ignored by the jury. The jury ought to have considered each piece of evidence shown throughout the trial rather than selectively choosing which to consider.

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