Did the Louisville Cardinals deserve to win the NCAA championship?

  • I think so!

    The Louisville Cardinals played a great season and were the last team standing in the final four. They played with grace and determination, and they represented the state of Kentucky with great honor. My family lives in Kentucky and they are very proud of the Louisville Cardinals, and who they represent!

  • As much as anyone else.

    I believe any team deserves to win the NCAA championship. Each team puts forth their best effort in every season and should be rewarded for it. I do not believe in everything constantly being about winning. I think that sometimes teams should be rewarded not for winning, but the effort they put into the game.

  • Yes the Cardinals beat many good teams.

    Yes, I think that the Louisville Cardinals did deserve to win the national championship in college basketball. They beat some really good teams throughout their season and especially during the tournament. With their continued non stop winning streak, I think that they deserve to be crowned the best team in the NCAA championship.

  • Yes, the Louisville Cardinals did deserve to win the Final Four (NCAA Men's Basketball Championship).

    The bottom line is that the Louisville Cardinals were the "last team standing" when 'March Madness' ended. They survived the double overtime games and proved they were the best team in college basketball this year. Winning the national championship takes a combination of luck and skill. This year the Cardinals had that combination.

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