• Yes, the "Mad Men" finale ties up many storylines.

    Yes, the "Mad Men" finale lived up to the hype. It resolved story lines without completely finishing them, leaving some of the end to our imaginations. The characters showed not only growth, but also potential for future growth, beyond the boundaries of the show itself. Although there were still loose ends, the show reached an emotionally satisfying conclusion.

  • The Mad Men finale went out on a low note.

    For several seasons, AMC's Mad Men kept us entertained by taking us into a bygone era, and showed it to us warts and all. The finale which should have stayed true to the characters instead decided to jump the rails and go toward sentiment and truncated solutions. This was not the finale hope for.

  • The final episode disappointed

    The final episode disappointed, and did not live up to the hype. This is so because people in the media talked the finale up so much that almost nothing would have been impressive. The media ruins it for everyone with season and show finale chatter. I wish the show would have heeded more to its basic qualities for the finale.

  • Lacking in big shockers, "Mad Men" stayed mostly true to itself until the end

    Many fans might have expected, and hoped for, something bigger from the finale of "Mad Men". However, the show ended with less fireworks and more contented closure. Roger, Joan, Don, Peggy and Stan, and Sally might not have crystal clear, nor all happy conclusions. But fans can continue to imagine the fictitious characters' lives into the future.

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