• Yes,the media went too far in Newton.

    Yes,the media went too far in Newton.They not only harassed the families but they made assumptions about the events that just weren't true.The media needs to realize that they need to follow a code of ethics.Otherwise they will never get respect from the people they are trying to serve with their service.

  • The media went too far in Newtown.

    The media went too far in Newtown. The media loves to feed off drama and tragedies. How else would they be able to profit and gain viewers? They love to push issues just to get viewers to watch them. They are worse than any reality show that is on television right now.

  • Yes they did.

    I think that one of the things that is causing school, mall, or shootings of any public places to become more common is because of the media. They should be ashamed of themselves! They put so much attention on these things that it glorifies it in a way. People may do a shooting like this to get attention.

  • Give The People Space

    I don't think that the media should be able to look into a tragic issue like this for a certain period of time. The families of the people killed need to have time to get cope and mourn the loss of their loved ones. When I see an interview on TV and the person who is being interviewed starts to cry for whatever reason, I want to yell at the interviewer and tell them to leave the person alone. I think it is ok to initially report what happened, but then back off and give the families some time, and wait until the families are ready to talk to you.

  • Too far is an understatement

    Not only should the families be given the respect of privacy at a time of loss, but the constant coverage can have negative impacts.

    1) Copy cat killers get their ideas from media coverage

    2) The negative news brings people down. We need more happiness, hope and good news to improve our outlook, attitudes and emotions.

  • Media against gun ownership.

    Yes, it is terrible that those poor kids and teachers were killed by a terrible creep, however it is strange that this story got so much attention. I remember way back in 8th grade history when we learned about the beginning of newspaper companies, we were taught that putting bad and scary things into papers would make people more eager to read, just as a young boy would be eager to hear what a bad word means. Getting back to my point, the media has gone too far with with this, they make sure to use the woe "gun," in all headings and stories, in addition, they explain the types of guns the creepy guy was using. On a particular newspaper, it was suggested that guns be banned to prevent something like this from happening again.

  • The Media's Poor Handling of Covering the Newtown Massacre

    Although it is the media's job to let the public know what is going on in the world, their handling of the massacre in Newtown was an example of the media going too far. The biggest reason this is so is due to their interviewing of individual children on what they observed in the day of question. Doing so makes the children unnecessarily recall frightening events, which may serve to harm them psychologically.

  • Did the media go too far in Newtown?

    The media interviewed very young children who were scared and traumatized. It was cruel and damaging to the children. Torturing small children and making them talk about a horrible event when you are not a trained professional is irresponsible and reckless. A reporters first reaction to a trauma should not be to further traumatize young children.

  • No, they reported factually.

    No, the media did not go to far in Newtown, because they reported factual accuracies. The public has the right to know as much truth as can be told. Without the truth the people cannot form an honest opinion. The media did not go to far because they had a right to show the public the events of the day.

  • They did not.

    The media did not go too far in Newtown. The people of Newtown knew what would happen if they let the media continue to press like they did, but the people of Newtown did not do anything to stop it. People are generally just too sensitive and need to no freak out.

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