Did the media turn George Zimmerman into a monster?

  • Most definitely, unfair character assassination; Black society leaders turned this into a racial issue, evoking emotions, which cause public to throw logic out the window

    It's not about skin color! It's about Trayvon's violent actions or reactions; if anything, a possible "wannabe thug" image might have drew Zimmerman's suspicion to keep an eye on him due to recent burglaries in the neighborhood. Trayvon could have had ANY SKIN COLOR. Being dressed in a hoodie and sagging jeans does not automatically make you a criminal, but it is a traditional outfit that a burglar might wear, so it SHOULD draw suspicions. Many white, hispanic, asian, and all types of kids dress like a thug or potential hoodlum. The natural human instinct to recognize potential danger is important and justifiable based on life experiences of what a dangerous criminal may look like. If you ignore those instincts, then you're naive, and will probably not survive life. If Trayvon, who is black, would have been dressed in Khaki pants, a tucked-in polo shirt, and a spring coat, do you think Mr. Zimmerman would have thought him suspicious, EVEN if he intentionally walked with a slight marijuana-enhanced ghetto-limp? No.

    Zimmerman was only 100 feet from his car when the incident happened, it's not like he "stalked him" and followed him all the way home! He was a volunteer, serving to protect and keep an eye on his neighborhood.

    This whole social issue of race is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT to this case. Bottom line...All or most evidence supports Zimmerman's story, indicating that Travyon jumped him because he was eyeing him up while on his cell phone with police. All physical injuries were done to Zimmerman from his head being smashed repeatedly on the concrete sidewalk. The gunshot wound was proven to be point-blank to confirm he defended himself. Zimmerman had every right to protect his own life when an attacker is trying to take it away from him.

    Worst case scenario... Even if Zimmerman yelled to Trayvon down the street asking what trouble he was up to and called him a racial slur, IT DOES NOT MATTER! Trayvon chose violence. There are consequences to every action or reaction, and in this case, his consequence was George defending himself with a more powerful weapon than Trayvon's fists to defend his life.

    There is NO indication that George Zimmerman EVER approached Trayvon. Even if he did, he had no reason to attempt to detain him for, since he merely thought he looked like he was behaving suspicious. It doesn't make any sense for George Zimmerman to to initiate any type of attack first? For what?

    Obama, Sharpton, Holder, the NAACP, and most news media stations should be ashamed of themselves for injecting the "race card" into this court case. Everyone that is too foolish to see the motives of them stirring up social race issues is the reason why the USA is rapidly falling behind the rest of the world. The racists that proclaimed this case as a racial issue are only interested in votes, public attention, or ratings by stirring up controversy to get publicity for themselves.

  • Unbiased and unfair

    It was upsetting for me on how the media. Portray this story. I'm not saying I'm not Zimmerman fan or anything , but the way they show trayvon like an angelic innocent child with his 7 yr old picture and put Zimmerman as a black hating white Hispanic was unfair. Treyvon was a thug , and you can tell by his recent pictures and crime public records ,but of course since he is black the media put this as a race issue ,which it was not.

  • He is no monster

    The media is trying to turn it into a race issue which it is most certainly not. If you look at the evidence shown in court, it is very clear why Zimmerman did not go to jail. Yes, it is very unfortunate that the young man did not survive. However the fact that 17 year old Trayvon attacked Zimmerman to the point that his head had been split open and he was choking on his own blood, can not be ignored. Zimmerman is no saint but he did not intentionally kill this boy, and it was done purely in self defence. He is no racist, and no monster, like the media is making him Out to be. In all articles I have seen, all the photos of Trayvon have been of him at a much younger age, and not of his 5 foot 11, 17 year old self. Check the facts before jumping on the popular hating bandwagon! With the media it's what ever sells, and unfortunately the truth doesn't sell so well!

  • Both parties were certainly guilty of poor judgement

    Both parties were certainly guilty of poor judgement but from the accounts I've heard Zimmerman didn't start the physical part of the confrontation and had a gun with the right to defend himself. The media turned this into a racial debate for more ratings. End of story. Saddest part about this story is most the people I spoke to assumed Zimmerman was white(due to the media turning it into a white vs black thing).

  • The media had a huge, unfair bias against Zimmerman

    The case was one murder, in one state. Murder happens all the time. But the media knows that the liberals are huge on race and turned it into a race war. They put false ideas out there that Zimmerman is racist. They promoted these and didn't try to see it the other way.

  • Media does this all the time

    Media changes stories to make people become more interested and aware, which I believe is good because more people see what is going on, but Zimmerman was protecting his life! He was scared and wasn't thinking about what he was doing because he is a human being! And if he let Martin beat him, he would be the dead one. It was a lose-lose situation and there could only be one outcome. Martin was old enough to understand he was strong enough to kill him and he went full out on Zimmerman anyway. Zimmerman was only trying to do his job. No matter what the cops said, he was doing what he thought was best in the moment. We may never know what truly happened but both sides could have done something different! Media made Zimmerman look like a total bad guy and Martin as an angel who did nothing wrong.

  • Untrue racial bias ruined public opinion of him

    NBC made the huge mistake of selectively editing the Zimmerman tapes to make him look racist, which was a horrible thing for any so-called news organization to do. In part because of this, black leaders began calling him out for being guilty of murder long before the trial began and found him clearly not guilty. If one reads the facts objectively, one comes to the conclusion that he was not guilty by reason of self defense. Using the pulpit or the news presence to blast him as a racist murderer, among other things, certainly ruined his image and made many think of him as a monster.

  • The media convicted him as guilty before the trial.

    Keep in mind no evidence discounted Zimmerman's story, and the police initially didn't charge him with anything. It wasn't until the race-baiting media attacked and demonized him, causing an uproar, did the prosecutor decide to push charges against Zimmerman.

    All the evidence suggests Zimmerman was attacked. Everyone talks about how he was following Trayvon (which isn't illegal) but when the dispatcher told Zimmerman to end the pursuit, he said "Ok" and ended the call.

  • Yes, and I'm getting tired of this BS.

    Can we the people realize he's not white, but a mestizo? When do the blacks and the whites ever learn to stay upright? Looks like the meatbags don't even know what happened during the Spanish Inquisition. Francisco Pizarro is one of the conquistadors that took over the Inca empire. Well, guess who discovered Cuba? Christopher Columbus. Thanks a lot American Media for being American Idiots. I don't want to be one. Jesus... Every time with cases like this.

  • No Evidence of Racism

    How can he be racist when he tutored black kids, took a black girl to the prom and had black people living in his home? He also attempted to help a homeless black man after he had been beaten up by a white cop's son.
    I'm disappointed in Obama's comments on the case. He made comments about being profiled as a youngster and being followed around stores because of his color. Chesty women are being eyed all the time too.

  • Zimmerman's Actions Spoke Louder Than The Media ...

    I've lived in 2 neighborhoods, in 2 different states, with Community Watch programs. Nobody involved ever conducted themselves as George Zimmerman did. So, please, don't make excuses for his lousy judgment by saying he was in the Neighborhood Watch!

    The man was 29. Martin was 17. He outweighed this teen by approx. 50 lbs. In other words, he could have fisted the kid off of him (assuming Martin threw the first punch). But ... George brought a gun to a fist fight. That's ridiculous! He chose to get out of his car -- push the issue. I don't care if it was 10 feet, or 25. He should've let police do their job. Instead, he decided to play cop & did so poorly.

    Then, once the unarmed teen is dead, Zimmerman wants to say that he feared for his life. Give me a break! I have seen worse injuries sustained in the controlled-training of a karate dojo, on football fields, etc. Zimmerman had a gun & that gave him more cojones than good sense. In the aftermath, it was all about damage control.

    Don't blame the media for the public's reaction. George Zimmerman has given everyone more than enough ammunition to draw their own conclusions. And, unfortunately for him, Americans have the right to their opinion ... Even if it is an unfavorable one about you!

  • He's A Killer. Enough Said.

    He's a killer. He killed an innocent young man who did not deserve that. No one deserves to be stalked in the middle of the night by a stranger. Of course Trayvon was scared. He was only protecting himself. Not guillty? Zim. will have a terrible life now. Smh, ugh.

  • How could they? Isn't he already one?

    George Zimmerman was already a monster even before the media had a say in the situation. George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, a boy who was out buying skittles merely on the "thought" that Mr. Martin was intimidating or what ever he said. Whatever picture Trayvon was portraying, he had no right to act rationally and kill him based on only a thought. I could kill someone tomorrow and say I thought he was going to rape me that's why I murdered him. That is NOT acceptable in any circumstance. You cannot kill someone because of how you feel.

  • "Learn to admit your mistakes before someone exaggerates the story...." ~ Author Unknown

    The media didn't turn George Zimmerman into a monster. Even if he were telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, the lack of remorse in the taking of a human life is despicable. Instead of repeating lies and adding on to them to try to make people believe that they're true, he had the opportunity to make himself more human in the eyes of the media when he gave his interview with Sean Hannity, and in the multitude of interviews given by his family and friends. At no point did he show any understanding of the depth of grief that he has caused in taking this young boy's life. I would think that if you shot someone, you would only do it if it were the only option you had, but that you would also be greatly remorseful and apologetic to the family. George Zimmerman isn't a monster. He's a coward and a poor excuse for a man.

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