• I think so.

    I don't think the Watergate incident was unique. I think the break in and wiretapping went a little too far. The prison sentences handed out were about what was deserved, and Richard Nixon's impeachment was appropriate. I would not have expected any harsher sentences.I think they were appropriate and sent the desired message out.

  • Yes, the men guilty at Watergate got a just punishment.

    I believe that the punishment that men responsible for the actual Watergate break-in got a just sentence. I do not think that anything else was warrant other than the punishment they got, including Nixon's. I do think that just the sole reason that it is illegal to break in to a property should be reason enough.

  • Yes, the men behind the Watergate break-in got the punishment they deserved

    The men behind the Watergate break-in were brought to trial where some were tried and convicted of the charges brought against them and others pleaded guilty to the charges and were given sentences. While in a scandal such as this the complete and unvarnished truth may or may not ever be completely known, those involved seem to have been brought to justice.

  • It was pushed under the table

    No, I do not believe that the men behind the actual Watergate break in were actually given the punishment that they deserved. The only reason the scandal even received any attention was because they actually got caught. The president was shamed, but others withered their way out the back door they came and left the mess for others to deal with.

  • The men behind Watergate did not get the punishment they deserved.

    The Watergate break-in was a simple burglary. Due to the sensationalized facts around the case, those who broke into the hotel were given much harsher punishments than they would have typically. It was a risk they took, and they knew that a punishment was possible, but what happened after the burglary got blown way out of proportion due to some concealment tactics that were completely botched.

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