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  • No.

    You can't lose when you've already lost. The military has been sliding down a slippery slope for a few years no, as public support has dwindled and varied information about the military's budget and spending have leaked to the general public. The military's spending is astronomical and there is no reason for it.

  • No, they did not.

    The military did not lose in the fiscal cliff deal because military spending has only increased over the last decade. Most Americans are now against the war, and see military the military budget as being too large as it is. Since it is such a large percent of the federal budget and citizens don't agree with it, it deserved to be cut.

  • Not at all.

    Not at all did the military lose in the fiscal cliff deal. The military is responsible for such a huge amount of the federal budget. Defense cuts are good for the country, and trimming the military can be even more effective if hard examination is given to what is outdated, what is most effective for current needs, and the future.

  • No, the military did not lose in the fiscal cliff deal.

    Funding for the military has increased almost exponentially in the last ten years. This wasn't necessary in the first place, therefore reducing the funding will not cause harm to our military services. It my harm potential plans of expansion of weaponry and recruits, but neither of these are necessary for our current military. There is a reason top generals are telling congress they don't need the tanks that are being purchased. The fiscal cliff deal is a blessing in disguise from a humanitarian standpoint.

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