• The Patriots made a Huge Comeback

    Coming off a huge loss to the Chiefs on Monday Night Football, the Patriots bounced back and proved that they are not degrading in their status. Of course, I was hoping the Patriots would lose do to the fact that Brady said he would retire if he started to suck. But the Patriots did what they always do in the past and that is DOMINATE.

  • New England Patriots Dominate

    The New England Patriots dominated over the Bengals in last night's Sunday Night Football game. The Bengals had strong showings in the previous games leading up to last night's match, however the New England Patriots put a stop to that. With a score of 43-Patriots to 17-Bengals, New England embarrassed the Bengals.

  • Patriots did what they could.

    The New England Patriots played the way the always play, and played well. Teams can go up and down and no matter how perfect of a season you are having, it will always end. But the Patriots played the way the owner and coaches expected them to and that it that.

  • Typical Ole Patriots

    It was clear some of the broadcasters had doubts with the Patriots but given that point spread it would seem they are still on par with their old ways. The Patriots are tough to beat and they've been a good ream for a long time. I would say this is typical of the Patriots.

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