Did the press make a fair trial in the Strauss-Khan case impossible?

  • Strauss-Khan Unfair Thanks to Press

    The Strauss-Kahn case received so much publicity in the press that it made a fair trial virtually impossible. Since the press so heavily reported on the case with biased information, Strauss-Kahn was guaranteed to receive a biased, and therefore improper, trial. The case should have been thrown out and redone in a more neutral court.

  • No, he was treated fairly.

    No, the press did not make a fair trial in the Strauss-Kahn case impossible, because the media was not what the problem with the case was. Strauss-Kahn should not have been charged. The allegations were made by a maid who wanted to extort some money. It is unfortunate that he had to suffer false allegations.

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