Did the Pro-Russian Separatists shoot down MH-17 ?

Asked by: Zerrok
  • It Was Mistaken For Putin's Aircraft

    President Putin is a dictator, he is another Adolf Hitler, he wants the whole world to himself, he wants power across the entire globe, he will do anything for it. But i believe that the Russian patriots heavily disagreed with Mr. Putin's idea, and attempted to shoot him in his private plane out of the sky.
    I believe this case as the pattern on both planes is very similar, red and blue stripes going horizontally through the middle of both aircraft. Putin's plane was scheduled 45 minutes before flight MH-17, therefore that brings even more contradiction into the case.
    To summarise my case: I believe that MH-17 was blown out of the sky being mistaken for President Putin's private aircraft by Russian patriots. Due to the intensely close time between the two flights, and the marginally similar patterns on both planes.
    Thank you for hearing my point of view, this may not be true how ever, but in the current situation, i speculate that it is.
    Thank You.

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