• Yes, the protesters were exercising their constitutional right

    Protesters took the correct action against something they believe to be unjust in a legal, non-violent manner that should be commended. The protesters proved that protesting really DOES work and is not useless as some people have been lead to believe. Years down the road people will look at this moment in history as a success for peaceful resolution as oppose to violent means of protesting.

  • Yes, the protesters against the pipeline are justified.

    Yes, I agree with he protesters against the oil pipeline. Laying this specific pipeline is a danger to our water system and to the people who the water system provides for. Many people think that protesting the pipeline is a waste of time and disregard the injuries that have been sustained from this protest but, it is from these injuries, words of knowledge, and endless nights of protesting that will cause a change.

  • They fought for what they believed in

    I honestly believe that had it not been for the bitter fight put up by the protesters, the pipeline would have gone through as planned. When that many people stand up for a cause they truly believe in and make their voices heard, eventually someone has to listen. This is a great example of why protesting really does work.

  • Yes, the protesters were right in their efforts to stop the oil pipeline

    Yes, the protesters were right in their efforts to stop the oil pipeline. The native people were being taken advantage of and forced to accept potential water pollution simply because another group protested. It was absolutely right to stand up and say, "no." Everyone should have supported them in their efforts.

  • How did they get there?

    They need the oil because they use it in cars and if they don't have the oil people cant go anywhere. They didn't all ride horses there they drove and what do they need to drive and get places oil. So they are protesting against themselves and should go home.

  • People have a right to work.

    The people who are constructing the pipeline were lawfully there. They had a right to do their work. Of course, these same protesters will cry foul if the price of gas rises to $10.00 per gallon. The people who have the right to do their work have a right to do so in peace. It is called a free society.

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