• Yes, it did.

    The Prussion drive for European dominance did inspire the Nazis. In fact, Hitler himself has stated how much he admired the Prussian Empire and their ways of force and battle. This is one of many areas in which Hitler and the Nazis drew their inspiration from. The empires were similar.

  • Prussian Drive For European

    I personally think that the Prussian drive for European dominance inspired the Nazis to come to their country to share their traditions as well as their thoughts and ideas. I personally think that the Prussian drive for European dominance inspired the Nazis to help their people as well as their community.

  • It May Have

    The Prussian drive for European dominance may have inspired the Nazis but it also pushed them to fight back and start military campaigns they may not have. I do not believe you can blame Prussian for Germany's wrong doing as that was mostly dictated by one persons rise to power.

  • They were the forefathers.

    Yes, the Prussian drive for European dominance inspired the Nazis, because the Prussians were the ancestors to the Germans, and they say what the Germany accomplished. The Prussians believed that they deserved the land, and the Germans were quick to buy into the same sense of entitlement. The Prussians set the stage for Germany.

  • Yes but there were other reasons too

    Yes but there were other factors too, Martin luther wrote on the jews and their lies, It was a not so nice book about how dangerous jews were, And Luther was a bad man for writing such a terrible book, Martin Luther was the main impetus for anti semitism in Germany

  • Not at all -- one fundamental problem with this "idea"

    Prussians were Protestants and Nazis were Roman Catholics from southern Germany and Austria. Very different mindsets. Naturally Prussians would be like Zionists, whereas Nazis are the antithesis. Prussians were far worse than the Nazis in my humble opinion. Nothing about it made Hitler inspired. I think it's a big mistake.

  • Not at all

    No, the drive that the Prussians had to try to get dominance in Europe did not inspire the Nazis. The main cause behind the Nazis was Adolf Hitler, and his belief that the Germans were a master race that was better than all other people that lived in the world.

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