• They Deserved It

    Of course the Ravens deserved to make it to Super Bowl XLVII. They went on the road in the playoffs and beat teams in their own stadiums. They also won their playoff games pretty convincingly. The Baltimore Ravens have a good team and deserve to be laying for a championship.

  • Sadly

    As a bitter Patriots fan, I can't take his one away from them. The final score wasn't a good indicator of the game, it makes it look like it was competitive when it really wasn't, they crushed us. That game was over at 14-13, they earned their spot. Also, patricia...really.

  • Yes, the Ravens deserve to make it to Super Bowl XLVII

    The Raven worked very hard this year, winning games in their home stadium. They also had three touchdown passes from player, Joe Flacco. To top that off, they had excellent defense that was led by Ray Lewis. Lewis made 14 tackles in one day and 33 in post season games. Yes, they have earned their spot in the Super Bowl.

  • Yes, they are a good team.

    The Ravens definitely deserve to be in the Super Bowl; they beat the top two teams in their league and showed that they have the offensive and defensive prowess to take on anyone in the league. They have played fair and tough all year and they only way a team could ever been undeserving of a position in the super bowl is if they cheat, which the Ravens did not.

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