• Definitely failed her.

    They have failed to follow the c case, and because of that, a young girl took her own life. Had they followed through, an arrest may have been taken and she might be alive today. She was humiliated by the events, so she didn't report it. Since she didn't report it, a rape kit was not preformed. However, there were suspects and the RCMP brushed it under the rug.

  • Without a doubt.

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police failed to bring justice to Rehtaeh Parsons, who was raped not once, but 4 times. Unfortunately, her torture did not stop there since one of the boys had taken photographs and had posted it. She was bullied for being a victim and the police could not even do their jobs to bring justice to the girl who ended up hanging herself because of it all. I'm not saying that she would not have continued to be depressed, but she deserved some sort of justice. The pain of rape takes years to heal from, if one ever does truly heal from it but if the boys had been punished for their actions, it would have brought her at least some comfort knowing that they could not do it again.

  • Self Esteem goes a long way

    I feel horrible for her family, and for her, for the pain she went though, however, this is not the RCMP's fault. We all know rape cases are hard to prosecute at the best of times, add a drunk teenage girl, who wavered on whether or not it was consensual. Of course, she can't give consent while under the influence, but let's really look at this. This isn't a new thing. Since the beginning of time kids have gotten drunk, and done things that they wish they could take back, things that kept them up for weeks, things that their classmates talked about. The difference between teenagers in my day, and teenagers now, is that everyone has a digital device in their hands that take pictures. Had that been the case when I was young, god knows where I would be. What the boys did was very wrong, but it's not the school's fault, and it's not the police's fault. We have to teach our young women that they can not put themselves in those situations. We have to instill self esteem in them. Rehtaeh had issues with self esteem and depression before the actual sexual assault took place. It's unfortunate, but the blame belongs to all kinds of people on this one. Including the parents.

  • Conflicting accounts don't leave them with many options

    Writer Christie Blatchford from the National Post posted some very interesting articles about two sides to every story. Here's the link: http://fullcomment.Nationalpost.Com/2013/04/26/christie-blatchford-why-there-will-never-be-a-case-against-the-rehtaeh-parsons/ it doesn't seem as cut and dried as we have been lead to believe. The article sates that Rehteah herself saying it was consensual through text conversations with friends expressing regret over what she said was consensual sex with two boys. Also the friend who was with her at the party went to great lenghts to remove Reteah from the situation to no avail. It may actually be a classic case of teeneage regret with the parents thinking my daughter wouldn't do that it must have been rape. On the other hand maybe she was so drunk that she couldn't give consent. I'm really conflicted about this.

  • This ball was dropped by so many parties, it might as well have been a round of pachinko.

    As cruel as that may sound considering what happened to this girl, it's true. The victim didn't speak up soon enough. The family didn't notice the proper signs or react quickly enough to get the evidence they knew they would need. The authorities didn't push the case as hard as they could have. In defense of the RCMP, they didn't have the evidence to go on and pursue conviction.

    Things like this do NOT falling 100% in the hands of the cops. As difficult as it may be, families and society as a whole needs to learn how to react logically. We can't fail in our part of the design and then blame the other half of the system.

  • Who takes the blame, the RCMP or the family?

    This is a very, very sad case. This girl did not deserve, to be destroyed, and these boys deserve to be punished, but while the popular opinion is labeling the RCMP in a negative light, one question seems to run around, in the mind? How did her family not collect a rape kit, before it was too late? I understand, being too humiliated and ashamed, for a teen to willingly speak about something, like this, to anyone, but a parent should know their child, well enough, to both see that something terrible has happened, and not only that, they will know, exactly how to speak, to their daughter, and a daughter, to a truly loving family, would honestly, tell her parents what had happened, knowing that they would do something, about the problem.

    Had Parsons trusted her mother, enough, to tell her, what had happened, right away, there is a good possibility, that she would still be alive. Justice, could have been carried out, easily. Evidence would have told the truth, the boys would be paying for their actions, and this young lady would be well on her way, to moving on, with her life.

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