Did the Sandy Hook Shooting Prove the Need for More Gun Control?

  • Less guns = Less gun violence

    It's a very simple equation - less guns equal less gun violence. It's not untrue what the NRA say about most crimes being committed with unlicensed handguns, but that doesn't change the fact that guns are on the streets being used to commit crimes. The gun used in this shooting was licensed and within arms reach of a mentally unstable individual. Having more guns inside of an elementary school is not going to solve the problem - keep them away from mentally unstable individuals, to start.

  • I think so.

    I think that any time there is a mass shooting, it just puts all the problems we are facing with our gun culture into the public eye. I do believe that we should have more controls on guns and the people who should own and operate them. The Sandy Hook shooting was particularly compelling because it happened to children. People who have the mental health issues that the shooter had should not have had such access to guns.

  • The Sandy Hook shooting established a need for more restrictive laws regarding the types of guns that can be owned by civilians.

    Part of the shock of the Sandy Hook shooting was the amount of damage the gunman was able to do in a very short amount of time. Among his arsenal were several semi-automatic weapons. While some types of guns are conducive to hunting or self-protection, the primary reasons for which many Americans desire to own guns, some guns are currently available for public consumption that serve no healthy civilian purpose. Sandy Hook established that more laws should be in place regarding those types of firearms.

  • Guns don't kill people people kill people

    It wasn't the gun that killed the kids it was Adam Lanza who killed them. His mom took him to many doctors and they always Said he's fine and even though she knew her son was very disturbed no one helped her. If he got help this wouldn't have happened. Besides if he was such a monster and really wanted to kill people do you really think he'd obey the law I mean let's be realistic here. He shot 20 kids of of course he doesn't care about the law!. And he obviously has no sense of morals. If he really wanted to do what he did he would go to drastic measures to do so and if that meant getting an illegal gun illegally than he would do that no doubt about it.

  • Gun Control Not A Good Response to Sandy Hook

    Sandy Hook and other shootings are commonly used by liberals to call for more gun control legislation. However, such a response is a mistaken one at best. These shootings show the need for the United States to tackle mental illness treatment better. Our country needs to implement a better healthcare system.

  • It did not.

    The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting did not prove the need for more gun control. There have been many instances before this that proves that we need more gun control. This may have helped push more people to vote for gun control, but the need has always been there and has been proved by many things already.

  • No, it could not have been prevented.

    No, the Sandy Hook shooting did not prove the need for more gun control, because more gun control could not have prevented Sandy Hook. The shooter at Sandy Hook did not use guns that he purchased himself. Rather, he used guns that were a relatives. We cannot refuse guns to people whose distant relatives have mental health issues, because that would effect everyone.

  • And yet it was a gun free zone

    If you remove Detroit, Chicago and all of the gun free zones disasters the US has decreased in gun crimes in the past decades yet we continue to lie to ourselves thinking stricer gun control will do what has already failed.

    Somehow making something illegal will mean people will not do it. Murder is illegal, multiple drugs are illegal, speeding is illegal. The list goes on.

    Posted by: N711
  • Gun Control Won't Solve Anything

    I do not believe the Sandy Hook incident proved that the United States needs more gun control. The United States needs more responsible gun owners that are savvy and logical enough to know they need to keep their firearms locked up. More gun control will simply lead to a larger black market.

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