Did the Scottish Independence Referendum do more harm than good for British politics?

Asked by: a.louise
  • It gave the Scottish people too much

    The only reason politicians opposed independence was because they didn't want to lose seats. Now, the Scottish people have been given more money and more influence in British politics, when it was absolutely fine as it was. One of the main arguments for the 'Yes' campaign was that they don't want people in Westminster deciding what happens in Scotland. English people don't want Scottish people deciding what happens in England. Now, the 'No' vote has caused the SNP to become more popular and a coalition with the SNP is very possible. This coalition would be very bad because it would just lead to less spending in England and more spending in Scotland. There needs to be more spending in England, and the SNP would just disrupt this. There will probably be another vote on this in a decade, and there will continue to be votes until there is separation. The longer that this is dragged out the worse.

    It's also nice to finally see an opinion forum on British politics, as I feel that it's only American politics on this site.

  • "Yes" would have been a better vote for Scotland but...

    Despite this the referendum has increased voter turnout in Scotland and thus increased the democracy of a nation. While I am opposed to the British state believing in Welsh, Scottish, Cornish and Manx independence as long as these countries form the union then anything in their politics (such as SNP's 2015 landslide) is a good thing because it will lead the cause for progressive policy - something the working class of the UK need.

  • Galvanised Politics and Democracy!

    More people are more involved in politics due to the referendum, it was a massive change in British democracy, giving Scotland a stronger say in the "Union". It has progressed conversation on what is best for Scotland and the U.K as a whole; Spurring on debates about the future of our country, and the people within it. That is a very good thing. Democracy has been revitalised in the U.K. The only harm is to the established, who might lose control of the 2 party dictatorship. ^_^

  • Was A Fantastic Opportunity!

    It can be argued that the whole referendum was a waste of time and money, but all referendums and elections, if in the end, nothing changes after the votes, are like this. You cannot know the consequences of the vote until you hold one, and so many political leaders - not all British - have expressed their approval.

    It was fantastic and marked the UK as a modern, fair and advanced country, answering the people's cry fairly and truly. The outcome of the referendum does in no way effect this. Compared to places like Catalonia, in Spain for example where an independence referendum has been constantly denied this was great for British politics.

    Please give your opinions, I am researching for any upcoming debate!

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