Did the Seahawks cheat in Super bowl XLVIII?

Asked by: Shamoo2
  • Yes b c

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  • They so cheated

    I hate the Seattle seadumbys I went o the raiders preseason game at Seattle poor fans for Seattle ever sense I was born Iv hated the Seadumbs all my life. Sea hawks are posers wort team i the NFL!
    BOO HAWKS BOO HAWKS! BOO HAWKS! My favorite teams the raiders.
    Some times I want to move to California.

  • They suck patriots are better

    Seahawks are the worst NFL team ever tom brady is better then russell wilson cuz he has a bigger dick. Hahahahahaaaha. Their coach has a saggy dick hahahhahahahahahahaahhaahha. Big d is better right girls? Of course. Big d big d big d big d 8==============D i love small d. Lelelelelelelele

  • Even though I hate them no.

    They just didn't have the QB that could handle the speed of the seahawks speedy, but also great, defense. Also Peyton was old and couldn't throw because he knew that with Richard Sherman and the others, he would throw many picks, although there was many picks that he threw. So he had to rely on the running game that still didn't work because of the amazing defensive front. So sadly, the broncos had no chance of being able to beat the seahawks defense to score.

  • Of course not

    The Seahawks just played like they usually play the Broncos just underestimated them. They didn't cheat by using Adderall like people say they did nor did they use any other drugs in the game. No matter what people say they didn't cheat. Understood? Good now feel ashamed for thinking that.

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