Did the 'Seamus the dog' incident accurately reflect Mitt Romney's concern for people in 2008?

  • The man who loved money

    The dog story was emblematic of the problem with Mitt Romney's character, which was that he was an isolated, privileged rich kid who thinks primarily in numbers. The man was not functional as an empathetic human being, and even after the loss of the election, he has still proven to be the same.

  • Yes, it did.

    The Seamus the Dog incident accurately reflects Mitt Romney. He had no concern for the average people. He even went as far as saying 49% of the people don't matter to his election campaign. He was out of touch with the common person and it was evident with the treating of his pet.

  • Romney does care

    Romney does care for people. He did not talk about his Mormon faith much during his presidential campaign for fear of the religion being misunderstood. However, it is known from tax and financial records that he and his wife donate a considerable portion of their wealth to nonprofit causes that help the needy, as many Mormons are dedicated to service to others. Also consider that his family has adopted young people in need too

  • How does Family vacation have anything to do with Politics

    A dog is not a human. A dog is a dog. Placing a dog on the top of your car has nothing to do with a person's concern for people. This story was an attack on Mitt Romney because it sells. It was unpopular to root for Mitt Romney in 2008 and in 2012. The media sells advertisements, they do not care what side they are on. They pick stories that will sell. This story upsets dog lovers

  • No It Doesn't

    I believe there are people in this country who do not know how to take care of an animal properly. For us, our pet is a family member and just like I would strap my son to the top of a car, I wouldn't put my dog there. I do not believe this incident accurately reflects Romney's concern for people in 2008. I think it demonstrates the fact that he shouldn't have a pet.

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