• David Rosen, Attorney General

    In the Season 4 premier of Scandal, David Rosen was appointed the Attorney General. That is a major development that is enough to play on for the rest of the season. I thought that Kerry Washington did a great job playing her part, and she is a very beautiful and talented actress. I will watch the rest of the season.

  • Scandal's Season 4 Starts with a Bang

    The season 4 premier of 'Scandal' was just the beginning needed to counteract the disjointed finale of season 3. The format of the show took convention and turned it on its head, giving us just enough teasers to leave us wanting more. It also brought in a new crisis to return to the classic format of the show, a demand the audiences wanted.

  • um, what hype?

    I have no idea what that show even is, so clearly there really hasn't been that much hype. I have never heard of it, and I work on four of these crowd sourcing sites. If there really was a huge hype going on about this show I would definitely know.

  • No, it didn't.

    After a slightly rough season three they had to make the show great again at the start of season four to pull the viewers back in. I think they really tried too hard and I didn't like that they tried to make the show more sexual just because it moved timeslots.

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