Did the second Presidential debate 'reset' the race?

  • Yes it did Obama stopped the momentum

    Obama was rocked after the Denver debate and Romney was playing well in the media the V.P. debate did help Obama but only a little bit.

    The second debate Obama seemed to understand the peoples needs and Romney seemed out of touch all the good he did in Denver was reset and started to erode as Obama would go on to win the race and stay in the white house.

  • Yes,the second Presidential debate 'reset' the race.

    Obama’s strategy failed in the first debate. As the supposed front-runner, he had tried to sell his agenda without engaging Romney much. This time he tied Romney to Republicans in Congress and sought to make him look extreme compared with President George W. Bush.

    Obama the aggressor showed up because debates are high-stakes reality television, where style can leave just as much of an impression as substance. The president gave more attention to how his answers would play on TV, knowing some viewers last time wondered whether he cared.

  • Obama Got Tougher

    President Barack Obama got tougher in the second debate against Mitt Romney. He was more animated and gave him new life in a sputtering campaign. Romney may have won the first debate, but the second one saw the president in his element. There was a reset, in part, due to Obama's energy. He was never out of the race, but the second debate certainly helped.

  • The debate was more of a continuation of Democratic righteous dominance.

    The George Bush Jr. election was fake. Everyone knows the Republican party is for the top one percent's tax and political choosing. The only idiots that would have ever voted for Republicans are religious zealots that believe dissallowing birth control and adding religion to politics are more important than freedom. The second debate was a brute show of rightousness against Romney and all that sellout could do was try to lie, mislead, or agree.

  • No, the debate did not reset the race...

    I watched the second Presidential Debate on 10/16 like everybody else. Neither side scored a knock out blow. Neither Governor Romney nor President Obama did as well as I am sure they would have liked to. At the very best, the debate slowed Governor Romney's momentum. It was not a reset and did not sway the election in President Obama's favor.

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