• They are people too.

    Yes, the Supreme Court made the right ruling in Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission, because they decided that it was the matter of free speech. They were correct to conclude that they cannot put a limit on free speech from corporations. Citizens United was correct to bring this matter before the Supreme Court.

  • The supreme court made the wrong decison

    A corporation is not a person, not by any stretch of the imagination. I don't know what the Supreme Court thought they were achieving or if they achieved it. What I do know is that the Supreme Court made a decision which will only exacerbate the problem of money in politics, a decision will undermine democracy, and a decision whick will turn many Americans against the Supreme Court.

  • It was the worst decision ever.

    I still want to know what the justices on the Supreme Court were smoking when they made their ruling on Citizens United. The effects on our elections have been wide reaching and very devastating. Unlimited corporate money into our political referendum system has tainted it for the worst, especially the formation of the Tea Party.

  • Takes Votes Away from People

    The Supreme Court found that corporations can give unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Unfortunately, that meant voters would have less and less say in terms of campaign giving and spending. Corporations suddenly were able to buy advertising and affect outcomes of elections whereas voters get one vote per candidate at the ballot box.

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