• Strong postseason rotation makes trade worth it

    The Detroit Tigers absolutely made the right choice in trading for David Price. The Tigers effectively swap out Drew Smyly, a decent pitcher, for a proven ace, while only losing a replaceable center fielder. The return, however, is fantastic, as the Tigers now boast the last three American League Cy Young winners on their rotation. They have always had the hitting to compete in the postseason, and now they have the star pitching capable of carrying them to the World Series.

  • Yes, David Price will be a great asset to the team.

    Yes, the Tigers made a wise choice in picking up David Price. His great skills as a starting pitcher will likely make a great difference in the team and it's success going forward. While the decision has undoubtedly been ridiculed by nay-sayers, it opens a new world of opportunity both for Price and for the Tigers.

  • Tigers Picked Up Price For Next to Nothing

    The Detroit Tigers made the right choice in picking up David Price because they got him for a borderline starter and a decent outfielder. Price is a Cy Young award winner and an ace pitcher that can help Detroit go deep into the postseason and potentially win a World Series championship.

  • The tigers made the right choise with David Price

    The Tigers made the right choice when they decided to pick David Price to be on their team. He is a left handed starter. He is also under the club control until the year of 2016. He could be the best starting pitcher even if he is the most expensive.

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