Did the Trayvon Martin shooting have anything to do with race?

Asked by: Fanny
  • I'm Inclined To Think It Did ...

    Zimmerman muttered something about "these punks", when speaking to dispatch. What punks? Was he talking about teenagers in general? Or was Martin a "punk", because he wore a hoodie? Surely not. Hoodies are as common as jogging pants ... Sneakers ... Baseball caps, etc. So, what made Trayvon a "punk"? His gender? I doubt that, too. Zimmerman is also male. He wouldn't have made the reference, based on gender. Still, he used the word "punk". He didn't know Trayvon Martin. He had no reason to draw that conclusion & label the kid. Yet, he did. Why? I think it was Martin's race.

  • Racism in America - It still exists.

    As seen in a transcript of Zimmerman's call to the Sanford Police, he blatantly says "He looks black", seen here { http://www.Documentcloud.Org/documents/326700-full-transcript-zimmerman.Html }. Here are some other noteworthy quotes of the so called "not racist", "These assholes they always get away.". Certainly, if this was a White or Hispanic child of his age I believe that the suspicion of the child's action would be cut down considerably. Zimmerman did identify him as a black male in his teens, and even when the dispatcher told him NOT to go after Trayvon he did so anyway. A fatal mistake for the boy who was only going home after taking a trip to the store.

    We also cannot justify that Zimmerman is not racist just because of his mixed heritage. Whether you are racist or not depends on your sole thought and not on the color of your skin. This case has been racial ever since it came out, and it always will be. I don't want to justify a race war because this whole case has been based on racial profiling.

    America should not be split by race, creed, sexuality, gender or sex. But it is, as seen in this controversial case.

  • The initial encounter was based on racial profiling.

    It is difficult to imagine that Mr. Zimmerman would have taken such action against a caucasian. He saw an african american and assumed he was up to no good. If there wouldn't have been an initial encounter, obviously a fight resulting in the death of a young man would not have ensued. When he got out of his vehicle he was the aggressor approaching Mr. Martin. He started the confrontation, which naturally became a scuffle. Mr. Martin simply reacted to a perceived threat in self defence and then somehow Mr. Zimmerman became the victim in some people's minds. Mr. Zimmerman made the choice to start the confrontation. He is not a police officer and had no business appointing himself as one. He should not have been permitted to use "stand your ground" as a legitimate defence. Ultimately, it began with skin color and that's what this question is asking.

  • Whether you feel Zimmerman was a racist or not

    I personally believe Trayvon was targeted because he was a black kid and he was seen as thug like due to his black skin. Forget the hoodie, because only black people look like thugs when they where hoodies in many people's eyes. There was even a social test to see and no one said white boys or girls wearing hoodies looked like thugs just the Hispanic and the black people. Even if this theory isn't correct, there were numerous home invasions from black kids. Trayvon Martin fit the bill in Zimmerman's eyes, having nothing but his skin color going against him at the moment of when Zimmerman assumed him to be suspicious.

  • It seeems like it

    Zimmerman was told to stay in his vehicle and just keep an eye on Trayvon but he took matters into his own hands and set up the situation he should have followed instructions and not created the outcome were he had to defend himself being a hero and killing Trayvon even in self defense it was a stupid thing to do but he got off on a stand your ground

  • Zimmerman was protecting himself and his community.

    This is just another example of stereotyping. If it had been a black man on patrol that night that killed Martin or if the boy shot had been white this ordeal would've been much quieter. Since that is not the case people automatically want to blame racism. It is ludicrous to jump to conclusions when there is no evidence of Zimmerman being partial to racism. Yes, Zimmerman did call Trayvon a 'punk' in the police report. However who is to say that he wouldn't have said this had Martin been of another descent.

  • Do I think Zimmerman is guilty?

    Well yes by all means I think he acted quickly and didnt know what to do in that situation.. But until I have cold hard facts that tell me he is a racist I am not going to play the race card as a reason for him being guilty. There is so much contradictive nonsense about him right now that leads me to think otherwise and until someone gives me legitimate evidence I will not go for the race card and say he is racist. However on the flip side I find it curious people say he is racist is saying he is somehow white also... When he is Mexican... Now he can be Mexican and a racist but it doesn't make sense to bring up race and then accuse the other person of being racist. That is all.

  • Nope It Did Not

    The FBI and the Civil Rights division of the DOJ both said that George Zimmerman was not a racist, has no evidence of being a racist or anything of the sort. People who think this was about race are ignorant race sharks who love to see racism so they can go into a race feeding frenzy and stroke each other's tolerant hard ons. Idiots. And nice choice, using the picture of 5 year old trayvon. I wanna see the picture of him flashing double middle fingers please. Thanks you stupid fvcks.

  • I don't think that GZ shot TM because of the difference in race

    I think that GZ truly believed that he had no choice, given his situation at the time. I don't think it would have mattered what ethnicity TM was. I mean if you are going to beat the snot out of someone, make sure you give them a way to escape. Unless of course you intend on beating them even worse. GZ couldn't get away. That has nothing to do with race.

  • He was unidentifiable

    Zimmerman did not know who or what race trayvon was because it was hard to identify.He had a hoodie and his hands were in his pockets.Besides, treyvon punched zimmerman in the face and zimmerman shot treyvon in self defense.And these liberal eggheads want to throw the truth out the window and spew lies. I mean, is it wrong for a white person to defend himself from a black person?

  • Most likely it's not racism.

    I cannot say with absolute certainty that it did not have to do with race, but there is no real evidence that supports racism was involved in the shooting. It is much more likely that Zimmerman was using self defense in the situation that occurred. He most likely did what he felt was necessary to defend himself because he was getting beaten. When Zimmerman called the Sanford police station, he did say that Martin "looked black". Although this may sound racist, in the context that it was used it was purely a description. Also, keep in mind that he said Martin "looked black" after the dispatcher asked what race the suspicious person was. He did not outright say he was "black" with the intention of making a racist remark.

  • Nothing to do with race.

    Zimmerman called in a suspicious person and was then attacked by that person. He never mentioned race until question by the dispatcher and then his response was that he "believed" the kid was black. He wasn't even sure.

    Nothing before or after that one question by the dispatcher showed anything to do with any race. Anything else is pure speculation with a specific goal in mind. A person can obviously believe anything he wishes but is nothing more than assumptions with an agenda.

  • Trayvon was a criminal, nothing more, nothing less.

    As most of us know, Trayvon Martin was a criminal. He was a drug user and a gang member. George Zimmerman was simply protecting his neighbourhood. If you look at the evidence, Zimmerman had a cracked skull, broken ribs and broken nose, and Trayvon Martin had a single bullet wound, no scars or bruises. This, to anyone with a brain indicates that Zimmerman was assaulted by Trayvon, and that Zimmerman resorted to using a gun to save his life. If a cracked skull isn't enough to prove what Trayvon was like, then I don't know what is. Trayvon was a criminal, and the fact he was black had absolutely nothing to do with it.

  • His motives were not.

    Yes, anybody that the walks in the middle of the night, with a hoodie can be seen as unusual and suspicious , why, because is a hiding your face is instinctively a threat to people . Now was it unnecessary that he may have escalated the confrontation , yes, can you argue that he could have avoided confrontation , yes, can you conclude that he may have labeled him as dangerous , YES , but does that make him a racist? It would be completely ignorant to think so

  • No. It didnn't

    Trayvon Martin was most certainly not targeted. Trayvon Martin was trespassing, and Zimmerman had to defend his community. We also saw during the trial, the prosecution had no evidence to prove that it was racial discrimination. The media built up this case, to try to make it look like Zimmerman was racist.

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ararmer1919 says2013-07-27T19:35:04.047
Good God, people are still talking about this?
Ragnar says2013-07-28T02:17:34.803
Exactly how old is that picture of him? ... If people are going to use such outdated pictures, they should pair them to pictures of Zimmerman at those same ages.