Did the U.S government have motivation for a 9/11 inside-job? (If yes, you must state what you think the motivation was.)

  • The "US Government"

    The government referred to in the question isn't the entire government rather a select few who formed a cabal who by framing Arabs in the attack had the public support needed to invade the Middle East and as a result the military industrial complex their families and friends own huge shares in would profit greatly and would also be able to sacrifice freedoms i. The name of safety. The TSA and the Patriot Act are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • A Regime Change

    The US government has had a long history of maintaining advantageous situations in the Middle East regarding oil exports with regime changes. Sudan had nationalized their American owned oil extraction facilities. Getting popular support for a war to effect a regime change and denationalize Iraqi oil wells is a completely valid motivation.

  • War for Oil

    I definitely think that the U.S. government had a motive to stage a false flag terrorist operation. If they staged a "terrorist attack" it would have been the perfect excuse to start a war for oil in the middle east, the area was showing great resistance to the United States and was becoming unwilling to trade with them. There is also lots of evidence that supports the idea that 9 11 was a false flag operation.

  • Yes the U.S government would....

    Have motivation for blowing up the twin towers however I do not believe that they did.

    I do not want to influence anyone, therefore, I will not post my thoughts here.

    I'm hoping to read some interesting and original ideas.

    ....But please, this is not a poll about, controlled demolitions, tower 7, thermite, suspect holes in the Pentagon, or anything else like that. This poll simply concerns motivations.

  • Hah! Politics Wouldn't Dare

    The writer of this must not know much about the current government. Here, let me brief you bit.

    Even for the American government, this would have been a sloppy job. I mean, come on. It's painfully easy to see why all these conspiracy theorists run amok about it. But the main reason? Islam. Both sides of the government, Republican AND Democrat seem to love this religion with no real reasoning. God only knows they would never attract attention to Islam and make it seem violent(like it really is). This alone firmly makes me believe that this was NOT, in fact, a hoax.

  • Why?! ! ?

    I had relatives in there! My grandfather was going to the pentagon when he saw it happen! No the gov did not this is just another conspiracy theory against republican George Bush, you always say it's Bush's fault. They have no real reason to destroy a major part of their own economy unless it is from the democrat's party with communists trying to destroy freedom, that is the definition of communism's views.

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