Did the U.S. government plan and execute 9/11?

Asked by: Zdawg
  • Rogue Government Agencies

    Although I have said yes, it is a plausible yes. I believe there was definitely outside terrorist involvement in the attacks, however, the fact that three buildings fell beautifully at a demolition rate, raises a lot of question. Would a US government rogue agency like the CIA which doesn't even notify the president, sacrifice 3000 Americans? If national interests are at stake, perhaps yes. Noone had a problem with the 6000 subsequent American soldier deaths anyways. So the initial 3000 could easily have been sacrificed by the shadows that dictate foreign policy…. I would like to see Mythbusters take on this...

  • Check videos of planes hitting towers

    A lot of wealthy people made money high in government on insurance policy on the towers. Their policy re-newly was do in a few days so when the towers came down they made billions. Days b 4 armored trucks pulled up & people said in looked like gold was being loaded. To me like a said b 4 just look at videos & what the fireman & people r saying on the ground. I say no more

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