• Red Baiting all Around.

    All over the media, people are using the term "Russia hacked the election" but did they hack the voting machines? No. Is there even any proof aside from Anonymous sources from the CIA that it was Russia? Besides, the info we got from the DNC email leaks was info we should have known anyways. The sanctions in this case are only looking to start another cold war before Trump is sworn in.

  • Obama trying to make up for his failure to help Clinton win

    The expelling of Russian diplomats by lame duck President Obama is just him trying to save face for not helping Clinton more during the recent presidential election. He has basically done nothing about the international crisis in Syria, but quickly takes drastic action for what he says was Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

  • The US needs to do more.

    I think it may be too little too late but I'm happy that Obama expelled those diplomats. I'm also saddened that so many people have forgotten the dangers Russia presented during the Cold War. It's almost like the majority of Americans have amnesia. Foreign interference by any country in another country's election is not okay and Putin needs to understand that.

  • They do random things.

    Russia does things just to get attention. They do things to pretend to be tough. Sometimes it's best for the United States just to stand up to Russia and tell them to go home. The United States needs to send a message to Russia that they are going to be tough. That starts by expelling diplomats.

  • No, the U.S. did not overreact by expelling Russian diplomats

    No, the U.S. did not overreact by expelling Russian diplomats. It was an appropriate beginning reaction to the Russian cyber attacks. It probably should have taken place sooner.
    By expelling Russian diplomats, the U.S. is saying we know the Russians are trying to influence our government in covert ways and that we will not tolerate it by allowing Russians to stay in our country.

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