• Keeping America Safe

    USA did leave Iraq too soon. The safety of American people are in harms way in every aspect. Safety is one of the most important issue in America. We need our military to protect us and by doing so they should have not be taken out of Iraq under any circumstance.

  • No and Should Never Have Been There

    I am not exactly sure when the notion that the United States was a stabilizing force for the world was first developed or by whom but the facts of world history don’t seem to bear that out. Of the many cases of the US involvement in the internal affairs of another country you would be hard pressed to come up with any tangible proof the country is better off for the involvement.
    The invasion of Iraq, from any reasonable perspective, was not only unwarranted and without foundation it also proved to be a huge expense that will not be resolved any time soon. An overly simplistic analogy would be like a home invasion. I come to your house, break in and beat you up then explain to you that I have to stay because you are too injured to take care of yourself.
    The term US Strategic National Interests has been used so often that I a natural part of the lexicon and is seldom even questioned. What does that term really mean?
    There are currently 737 military installations around the world. Compare that to the fact that there are only 196 countries.
    Respect for the sovereignty of other countries has never been an overwhelming mandate for the US. In just one bizarre example the country of Djibouti, a former territory of France on the east coast of Africa at the mouth of the Red Sea, became a sovereign nation in 1977. Here are some interesting points to ponder:
    • U.S. military personnel have diplomatic immunity
    • The United States has sole jurisdiction over the criminal acts of its personnel
    • U.S. personnel may carry arms in the Republic of Djibouti
    • The U.S. may import any materials and equipment it requires into the Republic of Djibouti
    • No claims may be brought against the U.S. for damage to property or loss of life
    • Aircraft, vessels, and vehicles may enter, exit, and move freely throughout the Republic of Djibouti.
    If this is the kind of stability that is being offered it is little wonder people don’t seek the help of the US to save them.

  • The Right Amount

    The United States' involvement in Iraq was aimed to provide the US with more stability during our stressful war times. Because of the amount of time in ivolvement with Iraq, we were able to get to a much more stable situation now than we were in the past. The addition of capturing and killing Osama bin Laden was also a major benefit, which once done significantly increased our stability and is good justification for US to begin withdrawal from Iraq.

  • No, the U.S. was in Iraq longer than it should have been

    I definitely do not believe that the U.S. withdrew from Iraq too soon because we had troops occupying the country for over a decade. The U.S. involvement in Iraq cost the country billions of dollars and the lives of many of our military. In fact, I feel that the United States should have pulled out of Iraq years earlier.

  • Too soon for what?

    Getting out of there was the smart choice. Iraq was a mess, it is a mess, and it will remain a mess. It's entirely possible the US could stay there 20 more years and things would barely get any better. Of course, it would cost lots of lives and money in the meantime. I think there is no "withdrawing too soon" because there was just no point in staying there.

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