Did the UN make the correct decision regarding Julian Assange?

  • Julian Assange is no enemy.

    Julian Assange is no enemy, he was acting in support of the whistleblower Edward Snowden and I believe that the UN made the correct decision, where he is concerned. I agree that he was being arbitrarily detained. Whistleblowers and those that act in support of them deserve the full protection from the governments that they inform against.

  • Responsibly Releasing Information Like Assange is Vital to Government Transparency

    While it can be dangerous to have too much information about critical government officials and actions being public, it can also serve to keep government officials more honest when they're unable to hide their actions. Assange oversaw the release of information that exposed government officials acting in ways that were unbecoming for elected officials. If governments are truly going to become more transparent, more individuals like Assange are necessary.

  • I don't believe they did

    If Julian Assange is a suspect to a crime, then that crime should be fully investigated rather than allowing him to get away and be protected by the United Nations. However, I will agree that they may just be doing their jobs as I'm not familiar with the legalities of the situation.

  • No, he should be held accountable for his actions.

    Julian Assange, largely known as the Editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, was granted political asylum by Ecuador. The UN ruled his stay at the embassy as "arbitrary detention." Although his freedom was encroached on, it was his decision to avoid arrest by staying in. His lack of accountability hindered any investigation. His status helped him avoid the sexual assault charges.

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