Did the United States act correctly when it chose to drop the atomic bomb?

  • They acted correctly

    It gave us the win and I chance for if they came up with something new that we knew that there was no possible way that they could win but it did get other countries mad and started the cold war that is just in my opinion they did the right thing

  • World War II needed to be definitively ended.

    Although WWII had already effectively come to an end when the Truman chose to drop the atomic bombs on Japan, there was still a need to end the war definitively and send Japan a message about thinking about regrouping. Dropping the atomic bombs reminded Japan that the United States had not forgotten about Pearl Harbor and having been drug into the war. It was America's way of definitely ending the war by getting the last move on the country responsible for its entrance into the war.

  • It all worked out in the end

    The atomic bomb was a devastating solution to an impossible situation. While the bomb sent a clear message to the Japanese and helped mitigate further attacks on U.S. soil, it killed too many innocent people and cost the U.S. financially in regard to relief and rebuilding efforts. If the U.S. did not drop the bomb, things may be much different today.

  • We Should have acted Slower

    In my World History class, we had to prove weather dropping the bombs was nessisary or not, and my group agreed that it Was nessisary BUT we should have waited longer than 3 days to drop the second bomb. 3 other groups came up with the same solution. Dropping the bomb was nessisary, but to minimalize casulties (not just our own, think about others once in a while people!!) we should have waited at least 1 week before dropping the second bomb, so japan could take in the effect of the first bomb, and decide on weather to surender or not. I also think we should have negoshiated peace before dropping the first bomb.

  • No, WWII was already in its waning days when the bombs were dropped

    By the time the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the war was already in its last days. The European theater was already taken care of, and a huge force of soldiers and equipment was to be sent to Japan to finish the war effort in the Pacific. The dropping of the bombs was more of a singal of our strength to Russia, which partly led to the Cold War after World War II was over.

  • The United States should have dropped the atomic bomb on the enemy's military.

    The United States chose to show its might by dropping the atomic bomb on Japanese civilians. In doing so, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost; furthermore, they were not the individuals fighting against America. The bomb should have been dropped on the Japanese military who were fighting against America and attack the appropriate individuals.

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