• Americans trying to re write history,

    Iraq invaded Kuwait and were forced out, Did they lose? , Of course they did, So how can America possibly think they won, Britain/Canada successfully stopped them and drove them out, Objective achieved,
    the so called impressment of sailors was just an excuse, The American government wanted the whole of North America, 100% an American defeat.

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  • America lost the war.

    A lot of factors contribute to the loss of America. Their goal was to invade Canada because they considered Britain blockading them as illegal and felt threatened by it. Their objective failed and the casualties of America were slightly bigger than Britain. It was a clear military victory for Britain. At best i can say it was a political victory for both as it opened the door for the Treaty of Ghent.

    Posted by: Sole
  • Yes the US lost.

    Americans need to stop trying to rewrite history. America tried to invade Canada and failed, Canada fired back and got as far as burning down the white house. America with a loosing draw, and Britain basically signed a treaty with both sides getting what they want and this is the reason many Americans are confused thinking they won, but they didn't. They got their asses kicked in Canada.

  • America lost 100%

    When you invade another country and get booted out then that is most definitely a defeat,
    Britain had no territorial aims other than to stop the Americans, this was achieved losing far less casualties,
    even those that claim a stalemate are being optimistic,
    at the very best America achieved a losing draw,

  • The Canadian Colonials won the War of 1812

    Fact is that the US declared war, Brits were fighting Napoleon and won, US objective was to invade and control Canada which they failed to do, the US wins their honour and their right to agree to the treaty at Ghent but later recants on the agreement and forces the natives to sell their land (is that honourable?) and to add salt to the wound once the battles had been fought the Brits march down and burn down the left wing of an American symbol that stands for honour - the white house.

  • The Canadian Colonials win the war of 1812

    Fact is us declared war, brits were fighting napoleon and won, us objective was to invade and control canada which they failed to do, the us wins their honour and their right to agree to the treaty at Ghent but later recants on the agreement and forces the natives to sell their land (is that honourable?) and to add salt to the wound once the battles had been fought the brits march down and burn down the left wing of an american symbol that stands for honour - the white house.

  • Of course they did

    They wanted to invade canada as a wargoal, and they simply failed to do so as the british simply defended it, also britain burned down the white house after invading, They suffered the most casualties as their armies were also decimated compared to the british, they were defeated simple as that

  • War of 1812

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  • They lost the war

    The Americans technically lost the war because they started it by deciding to invade Canada because they felt they were "threatened" by the British. Also, Manifest Destiny was huge at this time, and most Americans felt they had to god-given right to control North America. I say they technically lost because the original goal was to invade British North America, and since they failed to do that, they lost. Its like how you would say Iraq lost the Iraqi-Iranian war. Their goal was to invade, they got pushed back, so they lost.

  • We're still independent.

    No, the United States did not lose the War of 1812, because we are still an independent nation. In the War of 1812, the British came back to take back over, and finish the job that they did not finish during the Revolutionary War. We kept them off, and we won, because we are still independent.

  • We did not

    No, the US did not lose the war of 1812. It was a small war, and we were the ones who came out on top of it. The real losers were the indians who helped, who ended up just getting backstabbed in the end of it to begin with then.

  • No They Didn't

    Most historians agree that the War of 1812 ended in a stalemate. I do not believe the United States lost the war, nor do I think there was a clear and defined winner. I believe we still benefit from the impacts of this war based on the improved relations between Canada, Britain, and the United States.

  • It's a draw

    Nothing really changed for the United States. The end result of England winning could have been losing independence, but the US didn't achieve anything past avoiding that. Losing the capital almost would have been enough to call it a loss, but the fact that the English troops didn't ever actually occupy DC makes that a difficult argument

  • Ultimately, no the U.S. did not lose the war.

    It didn't necessarily win the war either. British impressment of American sailors into service to fight France was the major instigation for the war and it was ultimately stopped by the defeat and exile of Napoleon. Blockade of American ports choked trade, which ultimately brought the U.S. to the table to talk peace. And yes, the U.S. attempts to invade Canada to force the British hand failed. The Brits were able to invade Washington, D.C. And burn it, but a storm only allowed them to hold the capital for a day before they retreated and the U.S. reclaimed it. Americans had victories around the Great Lakes and managed to repel attempted British invasions throughout New England and the potential siege in Baltimore. Then, of course, the Americans won at New Orleans, which if the British would've won would've been bad given the already signed peace treaty. In the end, the outcome of the war unified the country in a way even the Revolutionary War hadn't.

    This is why this can even be debated and why many historians do view it as ending in a stalemate.

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