• They both won their needs!

    Let's face it, The British empire tried to colonize the USA, Failed. The USA tried to colonize Canada, Failed. Overall, They both did not get what they wanted, But the British still had Canada, And the USA still had their independence, So they both have their lands in North America.

  • The United States most certainly lost the War of 1812, But American arrogance won't permit them to acknowledge it.

    Large books have been written on this subject, So I will cite only two key battles.
    1. Battle of the Chateauguay was won on Oct 25, 1813. Details can be found in the National Post https://nationalpost. Com/news/heroes-of-the-war-of-1812-quebec-force-repelled-american-attack-in-crucial-battle
    2. The taking of Washington on Aug 24, 1814, And the burning of the White House to the ground (followed the next day by a tornado)
    https://constitutioncenter. Org/blog/on-this-day-the-british-set-fire-to-washington-d-c/

  • The United States lost their 1812 War of Aggression.

    They invaded Upper Canada. They were pushed back across their own border. Their big victory in New Orleans came after the war ended. They were forced to sue for peace as they became aware that Wellington was on his way, With thousands of battle hardened troops, Fresh from beating Napoleon. As usual, The American narrative is a revision of historical facts. The U. S. Lost the War of 1812, Only to revamp their efforts against Mexico some 50 odd years later.

  • They lost the war

    At rhe end of the day their aims were to kick the British out of North America. At the start of negotiations the Americans asked for all of Upper Canada to be ceded to them. At the end they asked for status quo ante bellum. A return to pre-existing boundaries because the British actually held some of their territory. The impressment of sailors was a cheap excuse. The Americans knew Britain was occupied fighting Napoleon and thought taking Canada would be easy. Thomas Jefferson said the conquest of Canada would be a mere matter of marching. Guess not Tommy.

  • Yes. Every American invasion of the Canadas was defeated.

    As a means of achieving their primary goal of annexing British North America, The United States attempted multiple invasions of both Upper and Lower Canada. Each invasion was in its turn defeated by Canadian militia and aboriginal warriors lead by a small British professional army.

    By 1814, America could no longer afford the War. They had defaulted on their debt, Their capital had been burne to ash, An act of retribution for the burning of York, And the British had defeated Napoleon and were free to turn their military might on America. That is why the US signed a peace treaty. By no objective standard did America succeed in its primary goals.

    That said, The US did succeed in ending the practice of indenturing their sailors, But that had as much to do with the was in Europe ending as it did the War of 1812.

  • Of course they lost.

    The United States launched an invasion of Upper Canada. They got pushed back and the war ended in status quo ante bellum. The simple fact is that they failed to accomplish their stated objective and were soundly defeated.

    Some try to spin it as a victory by claiming the sole reason the US declared war was due to impressment of americans into the Royal Navy, And noting that the British stopped the practice when the war ended-- completely ignoring the fact that the reason it was happening was because the British needed sailors to fight Napoleon, And Napoleon was defeated independently from fighting in North America.

  • The War of 1812 was a tactical defeat and a strategic draw for the US

    The United States suffered several defeats on the ground in the War of 1812, Including the British sacking of Washington DC. The only reason the war ended in a strategic draw was that the British were occupied elsewhere in their conflict with the French during the Napoleonic Wars at that time,

  • Americans trying to re write history,

    Iraq invaded Kuwait and were forced out, Did they lose? , Of course they did, So how can America possibly think they won, Britain/Canada successfully stopped them and drove them out, Objective achieved,
    the so called impressment of sailors was just an excuse, The American government wanted the whole of North America, 100% an American defeat.

  • It is true

    Tape dispensers are totally edible, tape is made of natural and pure flavor. The plastic is so tasty that kings fought over it in 1783. If you ever have any more question just ask your toaster. They are very good friends in case you were wondering. Thank you for listining

  • America lost the war.

    A lot of factors contribute to the loss of America. Their goal was to invade Canada because they considered Britain blockading them as illegal and felt threatened by it. Their objective failed and the casualties of America were slightly bigger than Britain. It was a clear military victory for Britain. At best i can say it was a political victory for both as it opened the door for the Treaty of Ghent.

    Posted by: Sole
  • No They Didn't

    Most historians agree that the War of 1812 ended in a stalemate. I do not believe the United States lost the war, nor do I think there was a clear and defined winner. I believe we still benefit from the impacts of this war based on the improved relations between Canada, Britain, and the United States.

  • We did not

    No, the US did not lose the war of 1812. It was a small war, and we were the ones who came out on top of it. The real losers were the indians who helped, who ended up just getting backstabbed in the end of it to begin with then.

  • We're still independent.

    No, the United States did not lose the War of 1812, because we are still an independent nation. In the War of 1812, the British came back to take back over, and finish the job that they did not finish during the Revolutionary War. We kept them off, and we won, because we are still independent.

  • Ultimately, no the U.S. did not lose the war.

    It didn't necessarily win the war either. British impressment of American sailors into service to fight France was the major instigation for the war and it was ultimately stopped by the defeat and exile of Napoleon. Blockade of American ports choked trade, which ultimately brought the U.S. to the table to talk peace. And yes, the U.S. attempts to invade Canada to force the British hand failed. The Brits were able to invade Washington, D.C. And burn it, but a storm only allowed them to hold the capital for a day before they retreated and the U.S. reclaimed it. Americans had victories around the Great Lakes and managed to repel attempted British invasions throughout New England and the potential siege in Baltimore. Then, of course, the Americans won at New Orleans, which if the British would've won would've been bad given the already signed peace treaty. In the end, the outcome of the war unified the country in a way even the Revolutionary War hadn't.

    This is why this can even be debated and why many historians do view it as ending in a stalemate.

  • It's a draw

    Nothing really changed for the United States. The end result of England winning could have been losing independence, but the US didn't achieve anything past avoiding that. Losing the capital almost would have been enough to call it a loss, but the fact that the English troops didn't ever actually occupy DC makes that a difficult argument

  • Wow there's a lot of Canadians.

    The USA did not win the war but it was more akin to Vietnam. We basically were at a deadlock when it ended anyways. Hell, We were still fighting after the peace agreements, And that particular fight got Jackson into the White House. It's too much of a mess to really call a "victor, " and if nobody's the victor, Who the fuck is the loser?

  • Murica still free

    America still had it's independence, And they successfully removed the British from taking over again. They invasion failed, But that wasn't the whole war. There were still plenty of fights. A lot of which America lost. But in the end British didn't get what they wanted. But neither did America so. Simple, End of story.

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