Did the United States support ISIS and other extremist groups in Syria?

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  • U.S = Capitalism = profit = propaganda to remain in power.

    It is fairly simple common sense that every single person can understand if you choose to; When did this sudden uprising of extremism happen? Fairly recently. The US and UK reveal to us all via means of propaganda (which sounds an intimidating word,but really means; TV, news, books, newspapers.) You have to realize that liberal view really isn't an option that is open for us to propagandize - The government only allow what they deem acceptable for the majority of the public to understand and know - in other words, something that will not jeopardize their situation. So they allow a degree of free speech as a cover to shadow the fact that there is no free speech at all. The recent uprise of gay rights in a method against homophobia is an example of this; while we all know that homophobia is inherently wrong and something should be about it, this much more toned down issue has become increasingly widespread to increase its awareness, and in turn, decrease the awareness of much, much more grave issues in the world. This is basic propaganda.Read some Noam Chomsky or some Tolstoy. The middle east is based on what? Oil! And whose supplies are decreasing due to corporate greed and overpopulation,so that the Capitalism prospers (the rich remain rich, the poor remain poor)? The USA. As a highly influential country that supports many others for in turn support, including the UK, the USA have the nuclear power to do whatever they like. So what do they do? They say that Saddam Hussein has posed a threat to the security of the USA. Oh no. This means that we have to retaliate in an innocent comeback. It was not our intention at all. This gives them the moral right in defending the American people and the middle eastern,when in blatant reality, it is a well concealed scheme of greed to prosper, even at the cost of a genocide, which is what happened. ISIS is a fairly recent thing, is it not? It is just very convenient that the USA and UK have become so devoted to combating this so called ISIS,when they have never been so eager to help for non-profit before...There must be a catch,surely? The idea that ISIS are a threat to us,allows us to support almost anything the government attempt to combat that would put us in danger. We believe, and the real intent, to destroy another land for the profit of a nation is concealed through a pretty basic scare tactic. Whats the scare tactic for?To prevent anybody with a socialist or mind of common sense to realize that they are being made a mockery. That is all.

  • At one point the US backed Al-Qaeda and the CIA supplied Osama Bin Laden with weapons and supplies

    During the Soviet war in Afghanistan the USA backed Al -Qaeda and supplied them with weapons so there's defiantly at least one case of them helping out terrorist groups when they share a common enemy, back then it was USA and Al-Qaeda vs The Soviet Union now in Syria both the US and ISIS want rid of Assad (for completely different reasons I admit) meanwhile Assad is being supported by Russia, it looks like yet another proxy war with the US trying to teach Russia a lesson again

  • At one point they supported Al -Qaeda and the CIA supplied Osama bin Laden with weapons

    In the cold war the US supported Al-Qaeda as they were fighting against Russian forces that were trying to take control of afghanistan the view being that they could use Al-Qaeda's help to fight against the soviets look at Syria the US is trying to take out Assad as is ISIS (for completely different reasons granted) so I see no reason the US wouldn't back what they see as the "lesser evil" especially since the Russians have backed Assad , if you ask me it's one big proxy war , the US are merely trying to show the soviets who's boss again just like they did in the cold war

  • In one way or another, yes.

    So many different groups, rebel groups, terrorist groups. So the US responds to requests for assistance to fight the bad guys, and the good guys never gain any ground, and the bad guys get bigger, and the bad guys get all the good guys weapons with no effort at all. How does the US determine that the good guys really are what they say, or that they aren't playing a role to get US weapons? But either way, the end result is that the bad guys have been supported by the US.

  • Someone had to. Think about it.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    ISIS shows up in the Middle East with machine guns, TANKS, and a level of hatred and organization to rival our own. You're not going to tell me that they got all of their supplies and weapons by themselves. They took over Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia in a matter of months. I'm not saying it was for sure the US government who was aiding ISIS, all that I'm saying someone had to. And what with our utter lack of enthusiasm for fighting the terrorist group, and the current administration's extreme tolerance for groups form that area, if giving ISIS money somehow helped an evil agenda by the US government, I wouldn't be surprised to find out. Then again, it may very well have been Russia or China.

  • Isis was being fraught from the start

    The united states started engaging isis when it was gaining ground. After isis captured mosul from the iraqi army it captured many western weapons. I understand that the u. S armed al qaeda during the cold war but the soviet union did the same, It was different times during those days. And i also seen alot of how the united states armed "moderate rebels"posts. Which fsa group? During the syrian civil war different countries backed different groups. As we seen now in ldlib is backed by turkey. I will agree obamas policies on the middle east caused isis to gain momentum. And when others say russia is the good guy here and the west is bad. Remember on how many un reports came from the assad regime about the many human rights violations of killing civillians before the war started, Also remember on how russia invaded georgia and ukraine without any provocation from them.

  • Just a Conspiracy Theory

    I don't think we would support people like that. We're doing a bad job at fighting them, but we aren't helping them. This a ridiculous claim with no proof. I would never think this could be anywhere near the truth. The U.S. is just too stupid to fight terrorists, but we're not evil.

  • Some unsupported tales.

    Back in the Cold War, EEUU did some naughty things (Like his involvement on the Vietnam War), but one of those things was to give some backup for the opposition of Soviet governments. The Cold War is over, but now the anti-EEUU tells the same story, but unlike the Cold War stuff, there's no evidence to support it. Those people still live in the Cold War and think that Nixon is the actual president of EEUU.

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