• Yes, life in prison is a waste of money

    The death penalty is justified as it saves the government and people a lot of money. If a person stays in prison their whole life, there are a lot of costs associated with that. Food, prison staff, building maintenance and so on. We can save a lot of money killing someone years before they will die in prison and be a waste of funds.

  • Walking Dead Season 5 opener delivered!

    The premiere of Walking Dead Season 5 lived up to and surpassed all my expectations. In the previous four seasons there has never been an opening quite like this one. Nail biting and on the edge of my seat, this topped them all. If this premiere is a glimpse of the entire season, it is sure to be the best yet.

  • Walking Dead's Season 5 Opener Is What the Fans Have Come To Expect.

    The opening of Walking Dead's Season 5 lived up to fan expectations. Continuing the show's dark and dystopian tone, where there is no clear right or wrong answer. In a world that is mired in shades of grey, where survival has become the justification for most any action, the Season 5 opener only goes to reinforce the desperation and overall plight of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

  • Positively Eye Catching

    Yes, the show has been on TV for quite awhile. But even though it has been through multiple series that doesn't mean it is a disappointment, and the same goes for other shows. Even though TWD has been through a lot, it never fails to intrigue you. It depicts how people fight to survive, to hold onto their morals and happiness in a world surrounded by death and destruction. And in the season 5 premiere, they showed people who failed to do just that, and our beloved gang overcome them and what they stand for despite what our gang went through. I found it moving and far from disappointing.

  • Walking Dead season 5 premiere a disappointment

    It would have been impossible for the Walking Dead season 5 premiere to live up to expectations. The series has now gone on for so long that any future series is going to be a disappointment. In general, series cannot sustain their success any longer than a couple of series before becoming a disappointment.

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