Did the women's rights movement better America?

Asked by: bobbylewin
  • What kind of nonsensical question is this?

    Of course it did. We cannot claim to be a land of equality and freedom when half our population was denied the equal right to vote or to have a career, to be paid equally for doing the same work. When a woman was designated a domestic servant and child bearer regardless of her wish or aptitude to do so.
    The only folks who would vote "no" on this are men who can't handle competition or that a woman *gasp* doesn't really need them all that much.

  • Troll question, an obvious joke.

    Did Neil Armstrong really land on the moon? Are we sure John F. Kennedy didn't fake his own assassination? Was the Great Depression truly an accident? Are we making dumb arguments because they somehow resonate with our twisted sense of fun? I bet women secretly infiltrated 20% of the U.S. Senate seats as part of their gender-wide plot to bring unnecessary drama to a once-straightforward political spectrum, one that used to settle its differences with simple wars, slave labor markets and divisions of class wealth. Now we actually have to empathize with our economic and political victims. Should've known something was going wrong with that 19th amendment.

  • Of course it did.

    Yeas in are past the men where the hunter and woman being the gatherers. But that was than. In todays world woman can contribute just as much as man. And if a woman is better and more equipped than a male at a certain field than she should get that job or promotion. That only makes the country with more skilled people and better competition. Change can be a very good thing for society.

  • The misogyny in this is almost palpable.

    First of all: yes, women were more biologically suited to raise children. However, nurture is a much more powerful force than nature, and the extent to which women are now is mitigatable. Men were also at first more suited to labor: but again, society and evolution have dwindled the difference between genders, as the dichotomy between them has become less and less important. Saying that it's bad that men are getting less jobs because women are getting more is essentially stating that men somehow have more of a right to a job than a woman does. Both have an equal right to be payed a fair amount for any work that they do, and have equal rights to attain such work in the first place.

  • A BIG mistake!

    Since the beginning of time men have been Hunters and Gatherers. We were strong and worked hard so our counter part could be at home to handle the home needs. Take care of children, prepare food, make clothing, etc. As the men the women worked very hard as well. It has worked since the beginning of time and very well since. Back in the 1950's a man with a trade such as carpenter was a real man. Not only could he make enough to buy a home and car but his wife could stay at home as well and be there to teach and instill values into there children. Those days are gone! Women being able to do everything as well as a man set out to do that inadvertingly causing job crisis amongst men and ultimately stripping us of our balls. A nation that once looked at its men as strong and protecors now many are more of an opinion of weak,untrustworthy,lazy. Once upon a time we needed eachother but now no one needs anyone. I say womens rights was not progress but rather a force against nature. Right now theres 10 million guys unable to find work as its women counterparts have filled the position. Your childs in daycare, your dinner was microwaved, you don't get to see much of your mate cause you both have to work due to this mess we made. Where is ones self worth? No one needs protected they can protect themselves. Provide for themselves. My mind has become dull and my body weak. It is of my opinion that this movement ruined us. No offense to the ladies;)

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