• The Wright Brothers were visionaries, and when they reached for the sky, they reached for all the sky.

    It's hard to imagine the creativity and scientific ingenuity that prodded the Wright Brothers into their accomplishments. On top of that, their dogged work ethic which pushed them to success cannot be discounted. Those factors put together indicate that the Brothers were limitless in what they felt was possible, once first getting off the ground.

  • Moon Landing Anticipated

    I think the Wright Brothers, knowing enough about aeronautical design, were able to at least somewhat anticipate the chances that man would make it to the moon. I believe that many people thought it could be possible, but given their knowledge of air travel, the Wright Brothers had a better understanding of what might come to fruition with space travel.

  • The Wright brothers did not anticipate the moon landing

    The Wright brothers anticipated the moon landing about as much as they anticipated the World Trade Center being built and then knocked down by a terrorist organization. There is no way that they could have foreseen landing on the moon. While the Wright brothers were visionary they were not profits.

  • No, the Wright Brothers did not anticipate the moon landing

    No, the Wright Brothers did not anticipate the moon landing. How could they? They were not experienced in that aspect of flying and couldn't have anticipated the moon landing. In their aspect, however, they could have anticipated innovations in the arts of flying planes and helicopters. But, in no way moon landing.

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