Did the Zimmerman trial receive too much publicity?

Asked by: conservative_18
  • All a racial issue.

    This was a tragedy because a black kid was killed by a white guy (out of self defense of course). People who call Zimmerman racist, etc. Forget that the media is obsessed with this because the white guy killed the black kid. If it were the other way around, nobody would know about it. There was a 13 month old baby shot in the face by 2 black guys for no reason. Why isn't that all over the news?

  • A trial turned to racism.

    I understand it was a tragic incident. Nonetheless, I feel as though the media has caused more confusion and turmoil than it has done in any other regard. The case has turned into a racial issue because of the media. Plenty of African-American men have killed Caucasians, and the same goes for other races killing races that aren't their own. The case itself is not really about race. The media chooses to talk about certain cases that are likely to gain popularity. This is one of those cases because the majority of people hate racism in this country now. If the media has a chance to talk about a case where a white man killed a black man, they are definitely going to take it.

    This trial was too publicized, making people biased towards both the Plaintiff and the Defendant. We need to take the media's impression of the trial with a "grain of salt". Not everything is correct or unbiased. Also, we need to remember that there are plenty of cases that are actually based on race that do not have as much press coverage.

  • Who is to blame?

    I blame the media for the turmoil, if the black boy that died was white, would there have been so much publicity, I think not, and as far as I am concerned all people are equal no matter the color of the skin.
    People that differentiate/black or white are not the smartest people in the World, example, if I had a choice I would not have chosen to be Black or White, I would have loved to have been born Tan... What color skin would have been your Choice if you had a choice? Get my meaning?

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