• My goodness, where do i begin???

    As I 5 year old kid, this was very traumatizing. Now I know most of you think that this type of fear is silly and pathetic, but I'm pretty sure you have ridiculous fears as well. I remember being 5 in 1998 or 1999 watching HBO late at night with my brother when my parents were asleep. I remember the "R" being different from the one posted above. It was BIG, surrounded by a blue, wavy background. And the announcer's voice is what really scared the hell out of me. "THE FOLLOWING MOVIE IS RATED.... ARRRRRRR." I had nightmares about this for years. Now that I'm in my 20s, this fear is long gone. Once again, I was 5. A big, scary voice can be traumatizing for a little kid.

  • Not scare, just upset.

    Once in a Spanish class in fifth or sixth grade (I forget), the teacher was out, and had left a video for the substitute to play. So the video started, and then during the opening credits it said rated R, which the class was pretty sure it wasn't. To be safe the substitute took out the video and had us stare at the wall in silence the rest of class. The next day we found out the people who made the video thought it would be funny if they put it in the opening credits. The rated "r" stole 35 minutes of my life! 35 minutes that I will never get back!

  • Scary, but between that and seeing the happy McDonald's commercials with hip hop music, I prefer this

    This was indeed a freaking scary thing that was my childhood nightmare. Only the 2003 variant is creepier (this one is from 2000). HBO had a habit of scaring people with rated R bumpers! Today I want to relive that creepy experience. It's not TV, it's HBO. HOWEVER: COMPARED TO MCDONALD'S HAPPY RAP COMMERCIALS, I prefer to see this and have a little fear. I hate McD's that much.

  • What's so scary about rated R signs

    What the movies about , should probably scare a child. Their is a lot of no-no stuff that kids shouldn't be watching in rated R movies because it could probably scar a child for life. Now I will admit when I was a child and I saw those rated R signs, I was pretty excited, like " yeah I'm watching big kid movies" but when I watched it , a whole different thought came in my head and yes I am now scared of rated R movies , but not rated R signs , because the rated R sins was like my pass to change the movie, so when I was a kid I was grateful for rated R signs.

  • No I never saw that

    The first time I watched an R rated movie was when I was 15, and that was the Matrix so it hardly counts. I rarely ever watch R rated movies. I think I've seen like three in my life. I don't watch many movies period, so when I watch one, I usually watch one of my nerd movies (Marvel, DC, Star Trek, etc.). I don't really get around to R rated movies.

  • Nope. Made me want to watch it all the more.

    R ratings, like PMRC warning stickers on albums, and Im dating myself in saying that, only made me want to watch and listen to the content. It was considered fun to "sneak" into an R rated film or better, an NC17, back in the day.

    R rated films garner more money and appeal because of them.

  • Did what scare me?

    The question being asked is "Did this scare you as a child?" I don't understand the question, since nothing is being presented that I could verify and say if it scared me or not as a child. So who exactly asked this? Who is screening these questions? Let's get some real questions in here.

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Adam2 says2013-12-10T22:03:37.090
No I was saying if the HBO bumper scared you