• Boston Has Grown

    The city of Boston has grown and become more relevant to the nation and the world under the stewardship of Tom Menino. While the big dig wasn't necessarily his idea, shepherding the city through such an event was a large task. His support for groups that needed him will be felt for a long time from now.

  • Yes, Thomas Michael Menino made an impact during his mayorship

    Yes, Thomas Michael Menino made an impact during his mayorship. If Thomas Michael Menino had not made an impact during his mayorship, he would not have been in office for 5 consecutive terms. People continued to elect him to office because they believe he was making a difference for them and their city.

  • Yeah, he did alright.

    Every mayor has their ups and downs, but anyone who at least put in effort to better the law has certainly made an impact. Michael took actions towards making Boston a safer place. Although he also did some things wrong, I think that's forgivable. Being a perfect mayor isn't easy, if at all possible. So he did alright in comparison.

  • Yes I Think So

    Yes I do believe that Thomas Michael Minino make an impact during his time as a Mayor of Boston. I think Boston Grow Consistently during his term until he died. Lot of improvement have been establish like decreasing the rate of unemployed in Boston and keeping it that way. How I wish his Still here.

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