• God created everything

    Yes, you heard it right god was the creator of everything.Now coming to the topic that whether or not time existed before the big bang---- it is said that god first thought of creating the world and then after some moment created it (with what all of us call big bang).This short moment of transition of thought into action was when time was created.Time was not meant to be created but it was because its after all time.
    Thus time was created before the Big Bang.

  • When Exactly Did The Big Bang Happen?

    The cold, hard truth is that we DON'T know when (or even if) it actually happened. It is a theory and nothing more. If you believe in this unproven theory, then you believe the universe began about 13.7 billion years ago (or more).


    If you do not believe in The Big Bang Theory, for whatever reason, you are being prudent. A scientific theory is not fact. If a theory never moves to the "Scientific Method" phase, it remains unproven and not Scientific Law (or fact).


    Did time exist before the Big Bang? A question that can only be answered by opinion. Did the Big Bang actually happen? Who knows? It remains a Scientific Theory, or opinion, as well. Since it has not been proven by science, since it first became a theory in the 1920's, it's impossible to answer the initial question: Did time exist before the Big Bang?

    The real irony in this is that the Big Bang Theory was offered by a Belgian priest. This heavily embraced Scientific theory came from the mind of a clergyman. So, maybe, this theory & Creationism can be linked? It certainly can't be denied -- not until "proved" otherwise.



  • I personally believe it did, although this can spark some good debates among people.

    According to Merriam-Webster, time (in this context) is:

    a : the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues : duration

    b : a nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future

    Basing definitions off of this, since the Big Bang happened, there was a time that preceded the event.

  • Yes, of course it did.

    Time is defined as: The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

    So long as there was motion, or change, in reality, the totality of existence, there was time. So in all technicality, these quantum mechanics and the like, so long as they are in constant motion, change, are apart of time.

    But an infinite amount of motion, change, is impossible. So what was before all motion, change, in reality?

  • There is a difference between the universe and space.

    This might not sound related, but think about the universe as a balloon. The balloon expands, as the universe does. But what does it expand into? So the universe expands into something. The idea behind this is that this something also contains time. Therefore, this space shares the same laws of time.

  • Time & universe always existed, there is no beginning & no end

    Mass & energy are interchangeable, but it does not disappear or become zero & similarly cannot be created out of nothing - not even an imaginary god can make or break this most fundamental science & reality - so try change this fact with any enormous wealth or power that a country or organisation could have today or tomorrow - so any challenges?? - my name is NIL , email is jinatma@yahoo.Com

  • Humans created time

    Sure you can say time is indefinite and is ongoing thus there was time before the Big Bang. However, the idea and notion of time was invented by humans. So not only did time not exist before the Big Bang, I am making the argument that time didn't exist until man came around and invented the first sundial.

  • Yes, God has always existed.

    Yes, time existed before the Big Bang theory, because, to God, time does not exist on a continuum. Humans can only comprehend the universe on the basis of linear time. But to God, the universe has always existed, long before there were individuals and humans and planet earth. To Him, there is no time.

  • Universe itself explains

    BBT is impossible a theory cos it is one sided, it does not explain the other how...? There was obviously time b4 the BB even if it actually took place. Time is just a word to define change or progress in the flow of energy. If i were to go with BBT, I would say there was a time when the present Universe/Space/Time was in a singularity [Note: time here is just a word created by us humans n it might be different for other beings in other time in the universe (Aliens??)] Because there was time and space before the hypothesized theory(BBT) so it might have happened or otherwise... Without Time and space there wont be any time or space for any singularity to be present! There was obviously a time before(even older than the present universe) that gave opportunity to the new born matter/space to grow!!

  • Here's the thing people don't get about atheists.

    Lots of people will make jokes about atheists and say "They believe that something came out of nothing." That's not what we believe. We KNOW as a fact that chemicals and molecules in space formed together to cause the big bang. Now as for time, that can be debated that time is just relative, but that's another debate for another time.

  • Time is a construct OF the universe.

    Really, time is not a "thing" in and of itself. "Time" is just the measurement of the distance between two events. It is intrinsically tied to this universe, and started with the Planck Event.

    It's why the question "what was before the Big Bang" is sort of a misnomer- there was no "before" because "before" is a measure of time. Quantum physics is rather non-intuitive.

  • The big bang created all

    I believe I heard this from a documentary Stephen Hawking was feature in, and he explained it as: the big bang created EVERYTHING, including time. Therefore, time could not have existed before the big bang, as the big bang created time. I think he was addressing the common question "what happened before the big bang?", and although I don't know the entire explanation behind his reasoning, it seems pretty sound.

  • Theoretically, a simultaneous stream of dimensions and matter occurs.

    Although this question is more or less unanswerable, I am leaning towards ‘No’ as time is a construct that allows motion in a perceivable universe. Before the ‘Big Bang’ we have no data or information to draw a conclusion from and that would notion the idea of a beginning. The beginning of four dimensions (three dimensions of space and one dimension of time) that humans can study just from observation and a number of theoretical dimensions as described in m-theory and string theory. The ‘Big Bang’ is said to have been triggered by unstable amounts of energy that may have existed without the dimension of time, and possibly even one or no dimensions of space, and possibly all occurring simultaneously. The universe can operate outside the structured logical parameters of the human mind. It is said that we have evolved to out-run and out-think our predators but we have never needed to evolve to understand Quantum Mechanics and how the universe operates.

  • No That We Know Of

    The universe as we know it was created at the moment of the Big Bang. That includes time. We don't know what existed before the Planck Epoch, and it is difficult to say whether or not the phrase "before the Big Bang" has any meaning since time is a property of the universal state that began with the Big Bang.

    To clarify, although I voted "No," I'm not claiming that time did not exist, I'm claiming that we have no reason to assume it did.

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Quan says2013-06-05T17:37:40.393
This question is unanswerable. Nothing can be before time. "Before" is a concept that only exists within the context of time.
philochristos says2013-06-14T00:56:15.717
It's possible, but I'm undecided.
AresKnight says2013-06-26T22:16:51.820
Nope. As far as we know they happened around the same time. Very complex subject. You should study quantum physics and other subjects to learn more. I found them really interesting.