• Timothy McVeigh hated the United States.

    It is clear that Timothy McVeigh hated the United States, and that is why he chose to bomb of Oklahoma Federal Building. The building was a local representation of federal power and the Washington government. Clearly, this man had an abiding hated for all the honest values that the United States symbolizes.

  • His own statements verify that.

    Yes, there's no doubt about it. The executed domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh had a deep hatred for the United States. His own words, his own manifesto, and all the statements he made after being convicted and imprisoned before his execution made it clear. Timothy McVeigh was an enemy of the people of the United States.

  • I think it's obvious

    I think it is pretty obvious that Timothy McVeigh hated the United States and its people. What he did leaves no doubt about it, even if there were no other evidence. And he himself was very outspoken about it: he said he had killed those 168 people as a protest against the US government.

  • McVeigh did not hate the United States.

    He believed that the federal government, and in particular federal law enforcement was engaged in a war against lawful gun ownership by the American people. His evidence was the conduct of the ATF, US Marshal Service, and the FBI in 1993 at Ruby Ridge where a 14 year old boy and his mother were murdered for the crime of sawing a shotgun barrel 1/4" shorter than legally allowed (at the behest of an ATF undercover agent I might add) and the conduct again of the ATF and FBI at the Branch Davidian raid and siege in 1995 where the alleged failure to obtain the necessary tax stamps for NFA items led to the deaths of 80+ men, women, and children.

    He may have bore a grudge bordering on a pathological hatred of federal law enforcement, but that does not equal a hatred of the United States.

  • No, Timothy McVeigh did not hate the United States.

    Timothy McVeigh was to delusional to know what he was mad at. Most mass murderers are similar in this manner. Timothy McVeigh was a misguided rebel who thought he was more important than he really was. It was for this reason that he committed his crime. I don't think he hated the United States.

  • Timothy McVeigh did not hate the United States.

    Timothy McVeigh did not hate the United States.His main problem was that he was delusional and misguided.He thought he was doing what was right for the United States.This was despite the fact that many people were killed and untoll property damage occurred.He planned all this destruction because he claimed to love the United States.

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