Did Todd Akin deserve to lose the 2012 Senate race against Claire McCaskill?

  • He got what he had coming

    Todd Akin made statements that were out of place for someone running for united states senate, the lack of support of women's rights caused him in my opinion to lose this race which I hope will be a clear message to others in the future to think before opening their mouths about women's rights.

    Saying women do not get pregnant unless the rape is legitimate was something out of a forgotten era when we knew so much less about how women's bodies work.

    Akin lost and others in the future will as well if they don't learn a bit more more before running for office.

  • Yes, Todd Akin's callousness makes him a bad leader.

    Anyone who can show such amazing disregard for half of their constituents deserves to be replaced at least. The amount of will it would take to be that willfully ignorant of women's health, issues and rights makes me think that Todd Akin went out of his way to show his hatred of women.

  • Yes, Akin made ridiculous comments and McCaskill has a strong record

    I believe that Todd Akin deserved to lose the 2012 Senate seat to Claire McCaskill because McCaskill has a strong record as a moderate Democrat that knows how to accomplish things. Also, Akin made a number of blunders during the campaign, most notably when he referred to certain cases of rape as "legitimate rape," which offended a large number of women.

  • Todd Akin's Comments Went Too Far

    Todd Akin is the face of the GOP--an old white guy with antiquated values that don't fit into modern America. His comment on "legitimate rape" was one of the most absurd things I've heard a politician say in the history of history. Akin most certainly deserved to lose the race. Being from Missouri, Claire McCaskill has worked hard for her state and deserved a second term regardless of Akin's comments.

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