• Lies Lies Lies

    If you watch independent news instead of lies via social media, You would be aware that trump is a total lying "person" that cares only for himself. He is as bad as Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler.
    The man is trying to corrupt everything in the world to his own selfish ends.

  • He lost it the day states started shifting votes to the more easy-to-be-tampered-with voting method of mail in ballots.

    Once they started favoring that method and allowing people who can't follow instructions or make it to a polling place on time to have their votes counted after the election, He was done for. It doesnt help that dead people are allowed to vote or that other people are allowed to fill out ballots for people either.

    Theyve always wanted it bad enough and these kinds of election shenanigans have never been outside of the norm for their types in every other democratic dictatorship they idolize. But it looks like we will have another 4 years of Obamacare, High taxes, Economic recession, And black shootings to look forward to. Yay. . .

  • The Big Lie Can't Stave Off the Big Defeat

    Donald Trump would have you believe (by the way a "man" who never believed in anything beyond his own personal welfare) that there was, Massive voter fraud on a preposterous level that would have been beyond Machiavelli, Pulled off by the Biden campaign, And yes, Wait for it, Republican election officials and judges. How batshit crazy do you want it to get Trumpsters? Well trade in your
    red hats for tin foil ones because THAT is how crazy this all is.
    Who are the snowflakes now who are looking for their OANN and
    Newsmax safe spaces? Don't count Fox "news" out, They are just
    hedging their bets, For the moment. As a veteran, All these posers who claim they are patriots while waving American flags defaced with "2nd" and blue lines, Ect. While open carrying their bling in the
    form of AR-15s and other assault weapons at these varied Trump marches, Ever faced a real enemy that shoots back they would soil
    their tactical underwear.
    All the while Trump and his minions in Congress and the media are all too happy to push this canard until people get killed over it and then step back and take no responsibility. , In other words, Buisness as usual. Everyone putting either their hand or word backing this lunacy and the sheep following it should be taken to task including
    the orange menace himself.

  • The Embarrassment that is Donald Trump

    Yes he lost and there was no voter fraud, That only exists in his pinhead
    and that of his lamebrained supporters. , I mean you need to be some sort of special sycophantic lemming to still be following this guy, And if
    he is your hero, You need a new hero. But what did anyone expect from
    a creature like Trump, Grace and dignity in defeat? No, He never
    possessed those qualities to begin with, And since he mimics normal
    human behavior, And who wouldn't being under the tutelage of
    his father and Roy Cohn, Two despicable characters in the spirit
    of Dickensian villains. He really doesn't care who he has to tarnish
    or what he has to put the country through, He wants and demands
    his pound of flesh in the form of donations from suckers who still
    believe he stands for something when the only thing that matters in
    his mind is what's good for him, All else be damned.
    If people weren't dying everyday in this country, It would be amusing
    the amount of wool he has pulled over so many people's eyes since he came up with the ultimate scam. , To run for POTUS.
    We have basically been delivered from 4 more years of nonsensical,
    uninformed, Ignorant, Stupid foolish spit balling from Trump and his minions by Joe Biden, Not the greatest politician who ever walked
    the earth, But a normal competent human being. Everyone owes him
    a debt of gratitude in my considered opinion. BYEDON indeed!

  • The polls are counted

    Trump lost the election fair and square. It has been three weeks since Pennsylvania awarded its 20 electoral votes to the vice president. Trump really needs to concede and help start the transition. He can't just continue to turn a blind eye to the results of this historically significant election.

  • Of Course He Did

    His denial or affirmation of basically anything should cause any sentient
    person to doubt it, So it isn't and hasn't been any surprise to me that
    like a normal human, He hasn't conceded the election yet. Like a
    spoiled brat that had his bouncy ball taken away, He is in a snit. Out
    golfing his troubles away while people die throughout the U. S. , I
    thought he wouldn't have time for golf because he would be working so hard
    for the American people, But that, Like his other lies, Well, It's just so
    2016. It was mildly amusing to see Geraldo Rivera suggest that the COVID-19 vaccine should be named for him. , I thought that was actual fake news, But it was true. , "You grovel nicely, Geraldo" congrats! So Of course he lost, And not by a landslide but substantially. , Which is another troubling thing about this country
    because if 71+ million see Trump and his bungling henchmen as the answer. , How stupid is the question? So, Donnie, Pack up your hair dye and bronzer and hit the road Jack! , 'Ya Lost!
    You could help the incoming administration, Sparing the country and people's lives in the process, But I know you won't. , Why?
    Because you're Donald (#@*! ) Trump and as a person you're a wart on a frog's behind.

  • Too much proof of voter fraud.

    With countless evidences of voter fraud having taken place in multiple states, It would be reckless to consider Joe Biden the president elect. Further investigation is need to ensure that ballots are verified, And that ballots of dead people are not counted, While all legal ballots are counted. Trump may very well have lost, But there is evidence that needs to be looked at prior to coming to that conclusion.

  • He will prove voter fraud

    News reports are coming out now of computer glitches, In Biden's favor, In multiple key and swing states. Once these are investigated as well as the investigations into fraudulent mail in ballots, Allegedly cast by dead people, People no longer residing in the states that the ballots were cast in and ballot farming from nursing homes. I believe the truth will will win out. I feel since we have these multiple errors in question I think this election should be throw out and new election with a rule of voting in person on paper ballots only should be ordered. You can make this possible in just 15 days by opening up multiple voting sites in each state and placing a proper vetters in each polling site. Return integrity to the vote

  • Electoral College still have not cast their votes.

    I do not support Trump, But until he completes his lawsuits and the electoral college cast their votes Dec. 14th, Anything can happen. The current assumption is that Biden did win, However this is only a projections due to poular votes. Thus, The media has ran away with a fallacy.

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