• Not Just TV, but an evil Gay Activist Campaign

    If you've ever truly wondered why public opinion has changed on this, I will give you the reason why.

    In 1989, a very clever, and very evil activist campaign was launched with the book "After The Ball". This book outlined an action plan for accepting gays as normal into society. It has been hugely successful.

    You can read more about this campaign here:

    I pity the poor fools that have been duped by these evil Nazi-like techniques to brainwash people, and I pity society for the evil consequences we will be faced by the normalsiation of homosexuality.

  • Not Just TV, but an EVIL Gay Activist Campaign

    If you've ever truly wondered how this came about, I have the answer for you. It is all the result of a very clever, and fundamentally evil campaign by gay activists launched in 1989 with the release of a book called "After The Ball". You can read all about it here:

    I pity the poor fools that have been duped by these Nazi-like techniques, and I pity our society for the horrible consequences that his evil activism is going to have on our society.

  • It definitely helps.

    Television is a vary influential thing for kids to be around constantly. Gay marriage is a famous topic for television these days, mostly because gay marriage is very controversial and people take advantage of that to get good ratings on there channel. Television did change people's minds, at the very least it is starting to effect the way people look at gay marriage and gays in general.

  • Hollywood and TV propaganda

    Absolutely has it changed America's mind. TV is a source of entertainment and it also used as a political tool. TV is part of the mass media and yes, we do have liberal media too. Nowadays, we have an excess of gay idols on television that advocate for their own selfish beliefs.

  • TV did change America's mind on gay marriage.

    TV did change America's mind on gay marriage. Any media exposure would help to understand the issue. Most people are against anything that they truly do not understand. This exposure has helped to educate people and teach them that not all gay people fit a certain stereotype that most people assumed were out there.

  • It's very possible

    Not only do I think TV changed Americans mind on gay marriage; but, movies have as well. They do a great of portraying gay couples on television and movies, and it helps people grasp the fact that they are a legit couple just like a male and a female would be.

  • TV changed America's mind on gay marriage

    TV changed America's mind on gay marriage. This is because most people needed some form of media to actually see the issues at hand. There was a very large amount of pro gay marriage material on the TV for people to watch, and this did indeed change America's mind on the matter.

  • Television was part of the media movement that changed public opinion about gay marriage.

    A cooperative media effort is largely the reason public opinion about gay marriage has changed. Television was a big contributor to that. Introducing more openly gay characters in domestic scenarios on television shows, conditioned audiences to accept gay marriage as much like heterosexual marriage. This helped people be more open minded about the presentation of gay marriage through other media sources.

  • TV and gay marriage

    Simply put, the liberal media, for one reason or another, has changed America's perspective of gay marriage. To say otherwise, is silly and dumb. 45 years ago, there was not such a support of the gay lifestyle. Not to the point where we hear about it every day and it is made into topics for sitcoms and dramas on tv. It simply is not as taboo because media has begun to embrace it

  • Yes TV changed America's mind on gay marriage.

    Yes, I believe that television play an integral role in changing the mind of Americans when it comes to the issue of gay marriage. If you turn on the TV, there are nowadays a plethora of shows with a gay marriage or gay characters in the plot, and it has helped many Americans become more comfortable with the idea of gay marriage.

  • Television is convincing.

    The tele does not affect my mind on certain things so It did not affect my mind in any way or idea. Televison is just a bunch of people feeding the general public a ton of just stupid very very very big stupid lies So no it does not affect my view on anything.

  • No, it didn't

    Calendars were what changed America's mind on gay marriage. Oh hey, look at that, it's 2013, maybe we should stop carrying beliefs that are completely detached from the world we currently live in! People are coming around because they have nothing to push back with when asked why they want to deny other Americans basic rights.

  • The Homosexual Agenda Changed America's Mind

    Americans have for many years now been continually bombarded with the idea that being gay isn't a choice but is simply a part of who people are - and it's a LIE.

    People want to make being gay about attraction (something you can't control) instead of making it about who you are with (something you CAN control).

    We can wish or dream or be attracted to whatever or whoever we want, but at the end of the day, your actions speak louder than your words.

  • No television goes with society

    Television did not change America's mind on gay marriage. If television is showing more gay marriage it is because people are already showing a change towards gay marriage. Television follows society society does not follow television. People change their minds over time as society changes. It is only a matter of time before more people come on board.

  • No, I don't think so.

    Over the years people grow and learn to accept new things that before may have made them uncomfortable. I think over the years the younger generations have taught the older generations a lot when it comes to gay marriage, because they see their peers in school and know there is nothing wrong with it. TV may have helped make an impact, but I do not think it is or will be the sole thing to help change America's mind.

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