Did Tyga unfairly bar Paul McCartney from entering his post-Grammy party?

  • Did he really?

    I just read that Tyga didn't even know that Paul McCartney was turned away and I hope that's really the case. I'm not a fan of Tyga and his poor manners but I don't believe he is that rude to actually turn Paul McCartney away from his post grammy party.

  • Now that's a bad move

    Tyga's dis of Paul McCartney was a very bad move. I don't know if it was an oversight or simply incompetence but it was caught on camera for the world to see. There will and should be repercussions. No one in their right mind should ever bar one of the greatest musicians of all times from entering a post-Grammy party. Tyga should fire his staff who made the embarrassing error.

  • What does fair have to do with it?

    If a person, which I suppose includes Tyga, wishes to prevent somebody from attending an event at which they are the host, that is their prerogative. If anybody is silly enough to refuse entry to Paul McCartney, whatever the reason, it would seem far more likely that they are ending up on the losing end than Sir Paul.

  • It is all a perpective

    Tyga said he didn't' even know Paul was there and if he did he would have asked him in. Tyga blamed the fire marshal or overcrowding. I do not listen to Tyga or know much about him, but I think this sounds like someone is trying to make a story out of a non issue.

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