Did U.S. rule over Okinawa negatively impact the culture of the prefecture?

  • U.S. Rule was not Harmful

    The United States rule over Okinawa was hot harmful and did not negatively impact the culture. The United States rule was necessary for Okinawa to fully recover back to the way the area was. The culture of Okinawa is very unique and the United States did the best job possible.

  • No, it is a good blend of culture.

    There is something special about Okinawa. The culture there is a blend of east and west like nothing you have ever seen before. If you have ever visited Okinawa and have left the military base, you will know what I'm talking about. Japan and the USA compliment each other very well.

  • Probably a benefit

    The benefit the US base has given to the economy (even though the Japanese do contribute funds to keep the base open) a significant touchstone, normalizing things that might have been in flux economically. The base also has brought huge exposure to the island on an international level, far more than otherwise would be given.

  • It helped keep peace.

    No, U.S. rule over Okinawa did not negatively impact the culture of the prefecture, because the cultures blended together. Whenever cultures mix there is likely to be some blending. That is not necessarily a bad thing. The U.S. rule was beneficial such that it outweighed any loss of authenticity of the original culture, beacuse the U.S. rule kept peace in the region.

  • We helped them

    No, the US rule over Okinawa did not negatively impact their culture, we actually helped them out a lot. We showed them ways that can help them advance further, and gain more wealth and power. We did not necessarily want to harm them anymore after we fought the Japanese there.

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