Did United Airlines have the right to force a doctor off of a plane due to it being "overbooked" after nobody gave up their seat?

  • Asking the wrong question

    There is no doubt that the officer used excessive force to remove the passenger from the plane. However anyone who has ever gone through the airport has received a boarding pass and on the boarding pass it clearly states that the airline company has the right to remove someone for multiple off reasons of these include randomly selecting a passenger to defer to a later flight in the case of overbording.

  • Yes, read your boarding pass.

    Debate is not necessary for this question. It is on your ticket. They have the right.

    Now, with respect to how the passenger was removed, people seem to have forgotten that this passenger was asked repeatedly in a civilized manner to get off the plane. He refused. He was told the police will be called. He STILL refuse to leave. I am sure the police also ask him to leave without force first, and yet he still refuse to comply. That's why he was forcibly removed. We hae all seen other videos where passengers were dragged out. There is no difference between this and those others videos. They were dragged off the plane because they REFUSED to deplane on their own. Remember the woman who wanted the passenger next to her to change seat because he is a Trump supporter? Security was called, but the woman and her husband were not drag off the plane. Why? Because they actually follow the police order and deplane.

    Finally, remember UA needed FOUR passengers to deplane. The other 3 chosen passengers behaved appropriately. They may not like that they had to leave, but they do so without incident.

  • They are a business

    They are a business. Logistics made it impossible for every passenger to be seated, so they had to do something. The only thing to be upset about is that no one volunteered to let him have their seat.

    This fake bullcrud revolution spirit that is causing problems, not solving them, is something to be ashamed and wary of.

  • Its a private buisness

    United airlines is a Private company who can choose to serve and o to serve people when they want and how they want; Even if the doctor Had priorly purchased a ticket. They even offerd a cash compensation, (of 800$) and a free flight. The doctor protested and so the buisness has the right to use force and he was still protesting, Causing a stuggle and giving him a bloody nose, Thats his fault for resisting.

  • The right to remove, not to abuse.

    Ultimately, they had the right to remove him but not the the right to humiliate, abuse, and terrorize him. By dragging him down the aisle, resulting in physical injuries (bleeding) to the point where he was asking them to "Just kill me" (psychological injury); it escalated into the domain of criminal behaviour and human rights violations and was no was no longer merely an issue of incompetence, or poor customer service. United Airlines created the problem in the first place and ultimately, punished the customer for it. United Airlines exercised their right to remove, but violated Mr. Dao's rights to be treated with dignity, respect and safety.

  • I don't think this is right.

    I know the United Airlines has the right to take people off the plane but the way they did this, it was not right. Did the doctor do something wrong so that the airlines had a reason to take him off? NO! Why did they overbooked it and tried to put more people on. They should have told those people who wanted to get on that is was booked.

  • They used excessive force on him

    First off all, the company claims that he was "randomly selected" to be forcibly removed because they needed a seat for a staff member and nobody volunteered to give up a seat. Wouldn't they either load the staff on first or calculate how many people to load on to avoid this problem in the first place? He was beaten and then dragged down the aisle of the plane, the security people could have handled it much better than that.

  • They used excessive force on him

    First off all, the company claims that he was "randomly selected" to be forcibly removed because they needed a seat for a staff member and nobody volunteered to give up a seat. Wouldn't they either load the staff on first or calculate how many people to load on to avoid this problem in the first place? He was beaten and then dragged down the aisle of the plane, the security people could have handled it much better than that.


  • United Violated Their Contract

    1) They called it Involuntary Denied Boarding. Customer had boarded the plane.

    2) Myth: You are not "boarded" until the cabin door is shut. Fact: There is nothing in the contract which defines the word boarding. So the word must be afforded its plain meaning. This is law school 101.

    3) Even if they bumped passengers before the flight boarded, that is also illegal. Involuntary Denied Boarding refers to more PASSENGERS than seats. Crew members are not passengers. (The Contract specifically defines passengers as not being crew members.)

    4) Even if they tried to say "Denial of Transport" they are illegal. The contract specifies they can invoked Denial of Transport if the person is intoxicated, not properly clothed, woman in 9th month of pregnancy and many other items. The contract says nothing about deny transport so they can reposition a crew.

    I have read the contract thoroughly. They did an illegal action.

  • United Violated their Contract of Carriage

    Passengers were boarded so they cannot invoke Involuntary Denied Boarding (Rule 25 of the CoC). Even if passengers were not on the plane, they cannot deny boarding. IDB refers to passengers with valid confirmed tickets. Crew members do not have valid confirmed tickets. They cannot claim Rule 21 (Refusal of Transport) because none of the reasons listed (intoxicated, not properly clothed, etc.). There is nothing in the CoC which says passengers must give up their seat for a deadheading crew member. If United doesn't like this, they should have written a different contract.

  • United was morally wrong to dragging that dude off

    Think about it. That man was a customer. Is it fine to be treating customers this way? NO. Imagine, will another business, maybe a hotel, drag a customer out of his room because the place was filled? Maybe, if they were as screwed up as this company.

    Next, wasn't it such a coincidence that the doctor was ASIAN? There is a chance that they dragged him of because he was Asian. RACISM.

    In addition, it was their own fault the flight was overbooked. They just overbooked it to possibly gain a bit of $.

  • It's no fair

    It was their fault that they overbooked the flight. If no one wanted to leave then they should have made an offer (In money) to the other people who were not on the plane yet. Instead of making the people who were already on the plane leave.

    This action will also be seen as racist towards the Chinese people. And, in a way, this will offend some other people of color. They do, however, say that is was not due to his ethnicity. Although, to me, that doesn't excuse the fact that one, they forcibly moved the guy off the plane and that two, they moved a doctor. I know that they weren't trying to split families up but, of all people did they have to kick a DOCTOR?!

    I also don't think that is right to move people off of a plane to put their own employees on the plane. They could have transported their employees in a different way without it causing passengers to have to move. I don't think that any of this is fair to this guy.

  • Hell no! United Has No Right!

    United has absolutely no right to force Dr. Dao off a flight he paid for because a United employee needed to get to work the next day. Dr. Dao had to get to work too, what makes his job less important? But also, United is allowed to go up to a certain amount of money they offer, but they don't tell people that. People on the plane don't know how much they are actually allowed to give so they don't know what to take. United is just being cheap by not letting customers know and then ripping them off. Dr. Dao is a Vietnam war veteran, and he says being dragged off the plane was more horrifying than what he saw in Vietnam. Veterans, in my opinion, should be treated like ROYALTY! They should get outstanding respect and honor from everyone. No veteran should ever be treated like that. Dr. Dao suffered from a CONCUSSION, a BROKEN NOSE, 2 MISSING TEETH, and SEVERAL CUTS THAT WILL TURN INTO SCARS. And United thinks this is okay?? For a human being, a Veteran, a Doctor, to be treated this horribly!? I don't think so.

  • No, they did not!

    First of all, the guy was a doctor who had patients to see the next morning at the hospital where he worked.

    Secondly, there was absolutely no excuse for the way United Airlines, or the police handled the situation.

    Thirdly, United Airlines should've planned better and not had passengers who'd already paid for and reserved their seats on the plane way in advance to make room for crew members who decided they had to get to Louisville at the last minute.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Because he had the right to go on the plane

    The air line needs to be more careful because maybe he had a very important place to go and he really needed to go there. What if he\ she had to go to an emergency that was the risk of someones life because he\ she had to do open heart surgery. That would be bad. So he had the right.

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