Did Vernon from "Harry Potter" make you laugh?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Fat people are so funny

    He is so obese ugly and unhealthy it makes me laugh that such a humanly boar can even exist. He is not even on a farm, he is actually roaming freely in human society hahaha. What a fat muggle! I bet when he sleeps with his skinny b*tch of a wife, his penis can't even reach further than hits belly so he can't go on on top or on bottom he has to go from really awkward angles to fit it in, hahaha!

  • He was a source of comic relief

    I'm not a fan of the film series. However, he has hilarious moments. Lol. Like for instance, his overreaction to magic. "No more letters through this letterbox." Makes me laugh all the time. Hehe. Or when he raised his eyebrows to Harry in a threatening way to coerce him to answer Marge's question. He was funny.

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