Did Vladimir Tarasenko deserve to be named the NHL Rookie of the Month for January?

  • Yes, He Does

    Vladimir Tarasenko has shown that he has what it takes to succeed in the National Hockey League. Not only that, he has shown that he is fully capable of demonstrating his ability to excel at the professional level of hockey. His play has been nothing short of magnificent, and as such he should win the Rookie of the Month award.

  • Yes, Vladimir Tarasenko does deserve to be named NHL Rookie of the year for the Month of January because of his aggressive and consistent contributions to the St. Louis team.

    Vladimir Tarasenko played incredibly this past year. He demonstrates true talent with his high scoring performance with the St. Louis Blues' and has proven to be a huge threat in NHL prior to even being drafted. I believe Tarasenko's NHL debut is only a taste of what this immensely talented player has in store for the upcoming seasons.

  • No, He Does Not

    While he has shown himself to be a man of decent skill in the national hockey league, I fail to see why Vladimir Tarasenko should be named the NHL rookie of the month for January. There were hardly any games played in January, so that is not a good judge of who was best.

  • No, I think not, because the season really did just start.

    I'm not sure if it was appropriate to name a Rookie of the Month for January. I think the season beginning on January 19th really meant that this decision was made based on 12 days, and maybe about 4 games on average. Is that the best way to measure a performance? I don't think so.

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